Stay in your village if you can’t obey our traffic law – Fashola

Babatunde Fashola The Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola has warned Lagos visitors to stay back in their village if they can’t obey traffic law.

Mr Fashola said this on on Tuesday after visiting some on-going projects sites in the state. He vowed to enforce the new traffic law and the existing environmental laws of the state to ensure the state remains environmentally-friendly.

Mr Fashola said the state government will not fold its arms while some residents live in Lagos as if they are living in their villages.

“You can’t continue to live like you are in your village here in Lagos. Life in Lagos is changing by the day. The government has spent fortune to ensure good environment, drainages, roads and transportation system. It is unfortunate some people are still living as if they are in their village.

“Please, if you can’t obey our environmental and traffic laws, stay back in your village.”


    SAN May you live long. I pray you should be the next President of Nigeria. I like leaders with mission and action; let them know that if one is not ready to obey simple of a community, he/she must live in that community. He/she can remain in their domain undisturbed. Insha Allah in 2015 we shall celebrate you as the first citizen of our dear nation.

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