Donald Trump Launches Attack On Obama Over Re-Election Victory

Donald Trump American business magnate, Donald Trump has attacked Barack Obama’s US election victory on Twitter, calling it a “disgusting injustice”.

The Donald has always been outspoken where President Obama is concerned, riding him on everything from his college records to his birth certificate.

  1. Ita ukpabio Reply

    I think Donald Trump is seriously sick in his head to have make such comments to the people’s choice, he must be admitted in the psychiatric for a proper rehabilitation, because his reach doesn’t give him the power to change the will of God, with his money or without he can not step into the White House as a president of United State and no any sensible American citizens will vote such arrogant man to lead them. Please this message must be posted for him to read. Mitt Romney is a complete Educated and gentleman who acknowledges the right of citizens of America that is a leadership character not Donald Trump, he should better go and sleep, that is my advise to him.

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