Senator Reveals How Boko Haram Get Sponsors

Senator Bukar Ibrahim, a former Governor of Yobe State and one of the persons nominated by the terrorist Islamic sect, Boko Haram, to mediate a proposed talk between its leaders and the Federal Government, on Thursday exposed the tactics used by the extremist sect Boko Haram to enlist sponsors.

According to him, the two main tactics as “threats and extreme coercion.”

The Senator, who also accused the JTF of killing more people than the Boko Haram, revealed this at the Senate plenary while contributing to a motion on attacks on Kabaru village in the Mau Local Government area of Zamfara State by bandits.

The motion was sponsored by Senator Kabiru Marafa and co-sponsored by all Senators.

The Senate asked the Inspector General of Police to step up surveillance and effective policing in the area.

Speaking on the motion, Senator Buka who supported the motion on the ground the experience in Zamfara is a reflection of happenings in other parts of the country said, “Today people are being forced to partially fund Boko Haram because of the activities of this people.

“They kill one, two or three people around, they frighten everybody and now everybody is succumbing to their demands. So today people are being forced to partially fund Boko Haram because of the activities of these criminals.”

“Security agencies are the number one killers in term of number. I am surprised the other day when the Chief of Army Staff said Boko Haram killed three thousand people; the security agencies have killed a lot more than three thousand since this thing started. On the first day that this crisis erupted in Maiduguri, over five thousand people were killed.”

“But it is the activities of particularly the police who pushed the Boko Haram people to wall by killing their leaders and killing thousands of other innocent people. That is what forced them to come out against the Nigeria state. It is the attitude of the security agencies; the way they operate that really makes it worse, not any better.

“Of course naturally, common criminals will take advantage of the situation to extort money from people and then the armed robbers are the third killers, and this is happening in Zamfara,” he said.

The Senate President, Senator David Mark, after directing the Police Affairs committee to look into Buka Ibrahim allegations said the Senate would do everything possible to ensure that the high level of insecurity in the country is reduced.

Mark noted that security agencies have been put in difficult situations urging residents of the area to always volunteer information on the activities of the deadly sect.

“It is not for me to defend or speak for the Armed Forces but the Armed Forces find themselves in a very difficult situation when they have to do internal operations or street to street fight. What I would suggest is that areas where we have these types of problem people must give as much information out as possible and as quickly as possible because once you kill a member of the Armed Forces the natural reaction is for them to do what perhaps is happening now. It is very difficult to see a Commanding Officer seeing two or three of his people killed and then he begins to search around looking for the fellow who committed the atrocity. It is explainable.

“For the police, I think as much information as possible should be given to them. But there are serious allegations that have been raised here and I hope that the Committee on Police Affairs and Intelligence and National Security, Defence and the Army will take up some of these,” the Senate President said.

Meanwhile, the sponsor of the motion, Senator Kabiru Marafa described what is happening in Zamfara as barbaric and called on the Federal government to work on Anka-Dangulbi-Dansadau-Birnin Gwari and Dayi-Tsafe-Dangulbi federal roads as a means of opening up the area and linking it with neighbouring communities.

But at the Presidential Villa, President Goodluck Jonathan declared on Thursday that Nigeria has made significant progress in meeting its security challenges.

He spoke when he received Letters of Credence from new Ambassador of Switzerland to Nigeria, Hans-Rudolf Hodel, and new envoys from Egypt, Sweden and Austria.

“We are making significant progress in meeting our recent security challenges and we shall continue to improve, so investors have nothing to fear,” Jonathan told Hodel.

The President urged the new ambassadors to encourage more business delegations from their countries to visit Nigeria.


    Senator, remember that all of you will have to account before Allah in the Day of Judgement. We should all fear Allah and be doing the right thing ans as taught by Prophet Muhammad SAW. If you refused to obey Allah, Allah will create Muslims that will listen and obey Him. While all your deeds would be accounted for on the Resurrection.

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