Lock up Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, myself and others in prison (VIDEO) – Pastor Tunde Bakare

Video shows Pastor Tunde Bakare during the second Save Nigeria Group public lecture in Lagos condemning the spate at which religious leaders slow down the morale of millions of Nigerian citizens while they live in luxury and acquire new jets.

According to him, ‘All General overseers and religious leaders must go to prison, so they can feel the Nigerian situation. Lock Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Kumuyi, myself and others up in a Nigerian prison, may be if we come out we will change and put the interest of our people first. Preaching greed is sin, we have the confidence of millions of people and continue to fail them, that must change’

He said, ‘‘Revolution must begin. Democracy is preceded by revolution and then development comes. It must begin with you, it must begin with me. All general overseers including myself must go to jail and by the time we are out, Nigeria will be better. I think December is too late for it and January is too far.’’

He noted that many religious leaders control millions of people without impacting on them positively.

  1. gbenga Reply

    That is truth reality all pastors,general oversiers they have killed,caused many downfall In people’s life. I don’t believe in them I believe in God

  2. caulay Reply

    If he feels like having a vacation in kirkiri, then let him go ahead. MOGs are diff from fake MOGs. He shouldn’t equate himself with these men. is the situation of this country the fault of MOGs or the politicians? only God knows those who serve Him in spirit and in truth. Check yourself pastor.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    A warped conclusion from a warped mind… How can a person that reason like this lead a nation of over 250 million minds? Is going to prison the solution to this?

  4. Aaron Shuthulite Reply

    I will like you to respect TRUE men of God for who they are. A true man of GOD does preach and take very seriously the message of living a life of holiness and righteousnes with purity of heart mind and thoughts. A true man of GOD emphasis this message in the sunday sermon, bible studies and the revival meetings as established by a serious minded church that takes the message of living a life of holiness and righteousness very, very seriously. For a church to have power from God the message and living a life of holiness is mandatory. Now for an individual to say that W.F. Kumuyi should go to prison must be out of the mind. Certain people of the church hate listening to the holy and righteous message because they themselves are very big pretenders constantly living in sin but coming out on sundays looking pious but what they do after the sunday service is really frightening. They are always preaching on how to mix with the occultic people of the world, so called social people and there messages are always based on the flesh, very carnal christians even they enthusiastically support same sex marriage. Funny enough in their preaching they make very, very few references to the bible and they are very disorganised when delivering their messages be it sunday or any day of the week infact they are the ones who are making the church have no power because of their lives that are quite opposite to the way they present themselves on sunday. They also listen to and love turning true christian songs to disco wordly music which they present as worship music in the church, they love watching the tv programmes not the news in the tv and they dont joke with their food and alcholic wine, they are very, very voracious. Private study of the gospel to them is a burden no more a joy and they tend to have loose tongues to assault verbally. Many more to say, but let me stop here for now. Pastor W.F. Kumuyi is a true man of GOD and you do not have to categorise him with other pastors to put himself in prison. What should be of concern for men of God is that are they there to see that their congregation make it to heaven by seriously preaching at every service that they deliver in the week the message to live a life of holiness, righteousness, purity of heart mind and thoughts or to preach messages that will make the flesh happy and satisfied to the displacement of the holy spirit? My answer will be the message to allow the Holy Spirit subject the flesh to Godly divine authority. Could you leave Pastor W.F. Kumuyi to continue with the godly mission that has been assigned by GOD Almighty for him to do.

  5. Ayo Reply

    Am sure of one thing even if pastor Kumuyi goes to Prison a thousand times he will still preach “hell is real and heaven is real. WITHOUT HOLINESS NO MAN SHALL SEE GOD”. I have listen to him many times over many years (i still do now) and the message is still the same and changing lives. He preaches restitution (returning back what you have taking wrongfully before and after repentance). I can only thank God for the His grace in him.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    how can a man believe in God without believing in His true servant or how can a man no God without hearing His word from His True servant?

  7. Anonymous Reply

    We should check this man well, something is wrong somewhere. The devil can use you if you give him the chance. So give him no chance.. Bakare!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I think this so called man of God (Bakare) is controlled by the spirit of demons. If he does not have anytin to say or if he jst want to be recognisd, he should think deeply of what his abt to say……… Bakare repent ooooooooooo

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Pastor kumuyi has done nothing to deserve imprisonment,bakare can go to prison alone

  10. Anonymous Reply

    think about heaven pls n prepare ur congregation to go with u

  11. Anonymous Reply

    (Psalm 104:4-5. Hebrews 1:7) fear God and be carefully move because there are Different spirit, the spirit of true (john 16:13) and evil spirit (matthew 8:16) please be sure of the spirit using you before you speak words like this.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    dis man dont what is saying please watch your word before tacking action . Nigerian can only be better if only the government will do what they usualy promise us the people

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm….be wise! Speak not against God’s anointed ones!

  14. Anonymous Reply

    who is this man self.dem send u.u miss ur road ni.see ehn no dey talk like DAT to the anointed ones shebi u know wet in bible talk say “TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM”Pastor Tunde bakare shey want make God wrath kindle upon u ni.bros abeg make u mind wetin u dey talk And again I no disrespect u ooo.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Take pastor Kumuyi to prison and see how the true Christians in this entire world will follow him even in prison for to hear the word of God. He has the Grace of God upon him.

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Satan is at work using Bakare, he need total deliverance, true man of God like kumuyi and others should fast and pray for him for deliverance!

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Pastor KUMUYI need not to go to any prison because he is already a prisoner of Christ like paul the apostle. Since is not of them, therefore you don’t expect him to dance to the tone of the world. He is a man like maciah who was hated by Ahab for speaking the truth. While the other 400 prophets where full of deception. Tunder can never agree with him because if you are not with him you can never be with him. He is like the vine from which pastor Bakare came out. Just like Jesus will say cut off from me and you can do nothing. The Lord say I will give you pastors according to my heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding Jeremiah 30:15. Woe unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture. He truly care for his congregations that’s why he hide not the truth from them and that holiness is what we need. Take the whole world and give us Holiness without which no man shall see the Lord. I strongly believe that he is provoke by a force to say this like satan could provoke David to number israel. God will help pastor Bakare to grow in the Lord Amen

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