Man Married Brother’s Daughter

Man Zimbabwe – A 77-year-old man has married his young brother’s daughter, leaving villagers in Bikita dumbfounded.

Sekuru Munyarari Mandinyenya (77) of village 3 in Rusununguko Resettlement area, who is a member of Johane Marange married Fadzai Chitende Mukuze (28).Fadzai’s father is Tomboona Chitende Mukuze who is said to be Sekuru Munyarari’s young brother.

Fadzai is now the old man‘s fourth wife. When reached for comment, Sekuru Munyarari confirmed that he married Fadzai.

“Its true I got married to Fadzai. I just haven’t paid lobola. I’m contemplating on paying the bride price later on. I love her so much and she too dearly loves me. It’s true that Fadzai is my young brother’s daughter, but not my blood brother,” he said.

Interestingly, Fadzai was previously married twice, and Munyarari received lobola from the two ‘son-in-laws’, before they both died. Sekuru Munyarari also confirmed these claims.

“It’s true. All men who marred Fadzai would first come to my homestead and pay their bride price to me. I would assume the fatherly role during the traditional marriage ceremony. Ndini ndaitopihwa mari yehubaba, then remit some of it to Fadzai’s father, who is now my father-in-law,” narrated Sekuru Munyarari.

Munyarari, prior to marrying Fadzai
, was proudly married to Angelica Nhengo (first wife), Josphine Mukoki (second wife) and Future Muchemandadya (third wife). He, however, revealed that the case was once reported to Bikita police and he was picked for investigations.
“Police once picked me up for questioning and I explained to them what I have just narrated to you and they released me,” he said.

“There are some jealous people who wanted to kill my wife (Fadzai) and I. Some people once burnt our bedroom hut at around 2am. I’m glad I woke up before it was too late. We have also found thorny shrubs thrown into our bedroom hut on several occasions,” he added.

Fadzai also confirmedbeing married to Sekuru Munyarari who happens to be 49 years older than her. She acknowledged that she grew up treating Munyarari as her father.

“It’s true people say my husband and my father are brothers. It’s only that they share the same Soko totem. I don’t see anything wrong with getting Married to him. Munyarari’s other wives whom I used to see as my mothers should not be baffled either. Handiti rudo runongomera pese pese,” she said.

Sekuru Munyarari’s third wife, blasted her husband’s move.

“If he pays the bride price we also want to have a share of the money
because we have always treated Fadzai as our daughter. Fadzai’s father and Munyarari are related. Why would he give bride price to someone he is not related to? This issue should be brought before the Chief. As Munyarari’s wives, we agreed never to accept Fadzai as one of us,” said Future Muchemandadya.


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