Man enlarges penis, gets cancer

EPA photo

EPA photo

Doctors have warned people to avoid using the services of illegal clinics after a man was admitted to hospital with a possibly fatal genital infection, a consequence of a penis enlargement procedure – the Bangkok Post reports.

A 50-year-old man whose name was withheld was admitted to the police hospital for treatment because his genitalia had swollen to the size of a coconut, a doctor said.

Pol Capt Dr Surat Kittisup-porn of the Police General Hospital said the man underwent a procedure to enlarge his penis at an illegal clinic about five years ago.

He was injected with olive oil, the doctor said.

The man’s genitals were working “just fine” until about six months ago. He suffered a cut to his penis and without proper treatment the wound became infected.

“He was ashamed to visit a doctor, but the pain and the infection grew so he had no choice,” the doctor told reporters.

He was admitted to a private hospital, where doctors found out that cancer has spread in the region. They suggested he move to a government hospital to save on the cost of treatment.

Doctors had no choice but to remove his penis, but the cancer spread towards his abdomen and his testicles.

Doctors have been able to bypass his urethra to his anus, allowing him to control his urine, but they are not optimistic about his future.

“The cancer and the wound was so severe when they brought him in,” Dr Surat said “There is a good chance that the cancer will spread again in the future,” he added.

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    It’s just ridiculous how some men subject themselves to great health risks in pursuit of a bigger penis. Penile surgery has a high risk of disfiguring the organ and causing permanent erectile dysfunction due to nerve damage, and most men who undergo the surgery do not find the results satisfactory anyway.

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