Rihanna: I begged an artist to tattoo my face

Rihanna. Photo by: stylebistro.com

Rihanna. Photo by: stylebistro.com

Tattoo loving Rihanna has revealed she loves tattoo so much that she begged an artist to ink her face but he refused.

The 24-year-old singer is to thought to have 18 tattoos all over her body – from head to ankles, including a Sanskrit prayer on her hip and a gun under her arm.

Rihanna told America’s GQ magazine: “The tattoo artist said, ‘Nope, I’m not gonna do it. Because if you’re looking at your face, it’s right there staring at you’.”

She also told the mag: “Sometimes a person looks at me and sees dollars. They see numbers and they see a product. I look at me and see art.”

Earlier this year she announced she had a new inking done in honour of her grandmother, following her death from cancer. Rihanna showed off the tattoo of the Egyptian goddess Isis underneath her breasts in a photo posted on her Twitter page.

She started her romance with ink in 2006 when her first music note was created.

One of her tattoos collection is written in reverse across her upper right chest –in light gray ink so she can read it in the mirror. It says “Never a failure, always a lesson.”

She said, “It’s kind of my motto in life for everything.”

“I like hanging out in tattoo shops. I am so intrigued by tattoos. It’s an entire culture, and I study it. Sometimes I go with friends, or just by myself. I get bum-rushed, but I don’t care. I don’t take security.”

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