VIDEO: Nigerians Speak Out “Should A Man Of God Own A Private Jet?”

iROKtv hit the streets of Lagos to gather the opinions of average Nigerians – if it is right for a man of God to own a private jet. Check out some of the really interesting responses we got. Join the discussion. Happy viewing!


    Man of God is a relative terminology. Any time could easily claim to be one. However, the followers read it in their book of the simple way whom they are claiming to be his follower. He is simple, down to earth and penniless person. All his life on this earth he never had a 3-square meals, he owned only 1 donkey, a cup, a garment and a pair of shoe. He later throws away the cup when he saw a man drinking water with his own hand. He realizes that he could use his own hand to drink water. He made it categorically clear that it is for a rich to enter the kingdom of God if a camel could pass through the eyes of a needle. A real man of God should be simple and down to earth. That is the way that Jesus lives his life while on the earth. This is my candid opinion that is relatively connected with the teachings of the bible.

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