LIVE UPDATES: Presidential Media Chat

8:54 – The media chat ends.

We will leave something behind by the time we are through with our tenure _ GEJ

Let me assure you that Jonathan & his crew will leave something behind before leaving that Nigerians will be happy about”- GEJ

We have challenges in security but we’re intervening robustly” ~GEJ

God’s willing we will stop this issue of stealing of our crude oil – GEJ

Jonathan clarifies that stealing of crude oil is not the same as defrauding the subsidy scheme.

On the first lady: Nigerians are always looking for negative things. She is fine. She was in church today. She was ill and received treatment. When she came back she was.. recuperating & couldnt immediately go into active service. she is OK now”

We want to bring experts… to sit down and analyse what is the problem with the aviation sector,” Jonathan said

FG to hold retreat on Aviation sector next year – GEJ

Airports will wear new looks next year – Jonathan

“We must bring back our universities back to where they should be… We are taking the critical steps” Pres. GEJ

We have set up a committee to identify why none of our universities are among the top 100 in the world – Jonathan

“We cannot play politics with tertiary education…a committee has been set up and we will intervene” – GEJ

Things have really gone down in Nigeria’s education sector – GEJ

President Jonathan says the “future is bright” and promises that Nigerians will see his work by 29 May 2015, the end of his tenure.

“The President Obama victory is the best thing to have happened to the black man,” GEJ says

“Before 29th of May [2015] Nigerians will have something to remember Jonathan and his team for” ~GEJ

Before the middle of next year, we would have stable electricity in Nigeria – Jonathan

We will intervene on the Lagos-Ibadan road repair. I am not sure the company given the job can do it – GEJ

Lagos- Ibadan is the biggest road in Nigeria, It is beyound the South West- GEJ

On power: “Now, we are generating more than 5,000 (MW),” Jonathan.

“Jonathan will be the best president ever, just wait,” GEJ says. Promises to fix Benin-Ore road and power supply.

“Most of the people that died there (Odi) were old men and old women and children. None of those militants were killed, none.” Jonathan

“When we talk of feeding in the State House, Nigeria hosts a lot of programmes.”

“I eat two times a day and the food I eat is not expensive”-President Jonathan on State House’s feeding budget.

There is a minimum you can go in terms of managing the treasury,” Jonathan justifying ‘high’ cost of cutlery in state house budget.

I eat two times a day and the food I eat is not an expensive one – GEJ

On the amount budgeted for Jonathan’s meal: I only eat two times a day and my food are not expensive food – Jonathan

Boko Haram is operating under cover. They wear mask (sic). They operate under cover. No dialogue that is going on anywhere” ~GEJ

Boko Haram: There is no dialogue between the government and Boko Haram. They are faceless and so there is nobody to dialogue with – GEJ

On issue of bad roads:

Before we get to 29th of May, 2015, Nigerians we know that I meant well for the country – GEJ

It is better to be slow and do the right thing- GEJ.

“You know the history of Halliburton & you know the history of Siemens,” Jonathan on bribery involving both companies& government’s inaction

I wouldn’t want to talk about the National Assembly (sale of official houses), so that I will not be misunderstood,” Jonathan.

Monitization is good, but the implementation has a number of challenges GEJ.

But for my travel schedule I would have addressed some of the issues requiring urgent attention GEJ.

I am travelling to Pakistan on Tuesday for G8 meeting GEJ.

“You increase salary up to 54%, where do you expect the money to come from; surely it is your capital budget,” Jonathan

I’ve never promised to reduce poverty. I promised to create wealth – GEJ

The effort this government has put in in fighting corruption, I don’t think any other person has done that,” Jonathan

“We have dealt with corruption in the electoral the fertilizer procurement system, & we are dealing with the Petroleum industry”

All over the world, the extractive industry is always associated with one corruption or the other,” Jonathan on corruption.

President Jonathan said sanitising the electoral process means his government is fighting corruption at the roots.

This government is fighting corruption frontally, and the results are obvious,” Jonathan

On combating corruption: The first thing is to sanitise the electoral process – GEj

Even the capacity utilisation (in industries) has increased a little, not significantly…,” Jonathan on job creation

Textile industry collapsed due to power but we are now stabilising power GEJ

We are now commercializing farming. We are encouraging young people to go into farming – President Goodluck Jonathan

On the issue of jobs. Let me assure Nigerians that we are working very hard. You cannot get jobs overnight – GEJ

The former Heads of State are probably shareholders of some companies…”Jonathan explaining that due process was followed in privatisation

On the issue of former heads of states – GEJ: Former heads of states have to live, they have to do business.

On power sector: Manitoba contract has not been revoked – GEJ

As we are talking today, there is no fuel queue in Benin Republic, and all the fuel are from Nigeria, yet there is fuel queue in Lagos,”GEJ

Nigerians should bear with us on the oil situation- Jonathan.

President Jonathan says fuel subsidy will not be completely removed as it is included in the 2013 budget

Jonathan on why no private refineries: despite license For those who have licenses to build refineries, we must review the issue of subsidy,”

License has been given to a number of people and yet they have not built refineries.

I did not say we are deregulating the oil sector. We are not removing subsidy for now -GEJ

On fuel subsidy removal – Canada has 60 refineries, Nigeria has only 4 – GEJ

Give me sometime to work – GEJ

Some African nations have 7 year tenure.

Four years is a very short time for a president to make an impact,” Jonathan on second term.

PDP will take over Ondo state in the next election- GEJ

Mimiko himself was a PDP man. I didnt see that as a major challenge for PDP. PDP will take over Ondo state.

On recent developments in PDP: PDP is doing wonderfully well – GEJ

The bench mark is a key instrument used to manage the economy of a country.

On the issue of 2013 budget: The benchmark is a key instrument used to manage the economy of a nation,” Jonathan on $75 oil benchmark.

Some of the institutions in this country are doing very well and people should appreciate it.

Jonathan over boundary dispute between Rivers and Bayelsa: I have already directed all the relevant agencies to do their works.

We will demarcate the boundary in dispute between Rivers and Bayelsa professionally.

I will not create problem within the two states.

I have more friends in Rivers than Bayelsa. I cant influence issue of Boundary.

I swore an oath to treat all Nigerians equally.

Two tenure is okay if we can sanitise the polity

GEJ – “I made the statement of single tenure just to stop that process of heating the polity.

GEJ – when a statement is made, people drag it to different angles”

7:10 – Its too early for me to make comments on the various issues being raised on the constitution.

President GEJ on the Belgore Report – “Whatever the interest of the President, the interests of the people supersedes.

The best thing now is for the president to keep quite and let Nigerians ask what is best for them

President Jonathan – Whatever we do on the Constitution, we have to follow the law and listen to Nigerians.

Whatever the interests of the President, the interests of the people matter more

President Jonathan – What the National Assembly is doing to review the constitution is the right thing to do

7:02 – It gives me the opportunity to listen to Nigerians.

Sovereign national conference: Any view we have we shall communicate with the National assembly. Referendum has to do with key issues.

President Jonathan has advised proponents of Sovereign National Conference to partner with the National Assembly on constitution review

Question: Why did the President, without the National Assembly’s approval, authorise the transfer of $1.1b into the account of Malabu.

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

The presidency has issued a statement urging Nigerians to send in questions via text messages and twitter during Sunday’s (today) presidential media chat.

Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Goodluck Jonathan, Reuben Abati, said Nigerians could send in questions via twitter handle @mediachatng or via SMS to +2347026076865

The statement reads in full, “President Goodluck Jonathan will in the course of the Presidential Media Chat today, Sunday, November 18, 2012 respond to questions from members of the public.

“Members of the public who have particular issues they would like President Jonathan to address are invited to send their questions via twitter to @mediachatng or via SMS to +2347026076865

“During the two-hour programme which will be broadcast live by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) and the Voice of Nigeria (VON) from 7p.m. to 9p.m, a representative selection of the most significant questions received will be presented to President Jonathan for his response.

“The President will, as is usual, also field questions from a panel of senior media practitioners.”

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