Bauchi Civil Servant Dismissed For Posting Corruption In The State On Facebook

Isa Yuguda

Isa Yuguda

The Bauchi State governor, Isa Yuguda on Monday dismissed a civil servant, Abbas Faggo, over sharing a post on Facebook questioning the financial integrity of the Governor.

The 30-year old civil servant, Abbas Faggo, detained by Bauchi State Government for allegedly posting a Facebook account of alleged monumental corruption in the state, was on October 30th arraigned before a magistrate court over alleged injurious falsehood and defamation.

Abbas was first suspended on October 10, 2012 but formally received a termination letter from the office of the Head of Service yesterday.

The prosecution accused Faggo of using his mobile telephone number to forward a message on his Facebook profile on September 4, alleging that the state funded the wedding of the state governor’s son, which took place at the Azare area of the state on September 8.

Faggo had commented on his Facebook on the alleged extravagant funding of Governor Yuguda’s son, Idris’ wedding. The case generated comments from over 500 people, including politicians, the Civil Liberties Organisation, CLO, prompting the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, to indicated interest in defending the accused person.

The letter read thus:


I am directed to refer to the civil service commission’s letter No. CSC/PRO/S/001/T.V dated 1st November 2012 to convey the commission’s approval of your suspension and termination of appointment from Bauchi State Service with effect from 10th October, 2012 as your service is no longer required, please.


Ibrahim shehu

For: Head of Service.

From the content of the letter, it appears that the government is trying to avoid controversy. Thus it failed to provide any reason for the termination other than the mere expression of discretion to keep or fire Abbas.


    It is unfurtunate such act is recorded in a Muslim dominated state like Bauchi; Islam does not teach, encourage and subscribed to jungle justice. The Human right activists should not allow this kind of injustice to continue in our soceity.

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