Nigeria Ranked WORST country to be born in 2013 – Economist Intelligence

WORST country The Economist Intelligence Unit, EIU, has ranked Nigeria as the worst place to be born in 2013.

Among the 80 countries researched, Nigeria has come last. According to the study, it is the worst place for a baby to enter the world in 2013.

The EIU, a sister company of The Economist, attempts to measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in the years ahead.

Warren Buffett, probably the world’s most successful investor, has said that anything good that happened to him could be traced back to the fact that he was born in the right country, the United States, at the right time (1930). A quarter of a century ago, when The World in 1988 light-heartedly ranked 50 countries according to where would be the best place to be born in 1988, America indeed came top. But which country will be the best for a baby born in 2013?


WORST country

Despite the global economic crisis, times have in certain respects never been so good. Output growth rates have been declining across the world, but income levels are at or near historic highs. Life expectancy continues to increase steadily and political freedoms have spread across the globe, most recently in north Africa and the Middle East. In other ways, however, the crisis has left a deep imprint—in the euro zone, but also elsewhere—particularly on unemployment and personal security. In doing so, it has eroded both family and community life.

What does all this, and likely developments in the years to come, mean for where a baby might be luckiest to be born in 2013? After crunching its numbers, the EIU has Switzerland comfortably in the top spot, with Australia second.

Small economies dominate the top ten. Half of these are European, but only one, the Netherlands, is from the euro zone. The Nordic countries shine, whereas the crisis-ridden south of Europe (Greece, Portugal and Spain) lags behind despite the advantage of a favourable climate. The largest European economies (Germany, France and Britain) do not do particularly well.

America, where babies will inherit the large debts of the boomer generation, languishes back in 16th place. Despite their economic dynamism, none of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) scores impressively.

  1. bukie Reply

    this is a bias analysis, Nigeria cannot be ranked well behind croatia, peru,uckraine, bulgaria, spain, greece etc. we are better off than these countries. the high influx of people from these countries back to Nigeria can attest to this. They should stop painting Nigeria as the worst country


    The word Lucky is a relative term that means one thing to Mr. A and could mean another thing to Mr. B. Nigeria is a country that the record of calamity such as earthquake, Tsunami, Hurricane and all sorts of calamities are not experienced. It is a nation that abnormal acts such as sedomy and other bleshphemy are not allowed. Nigeria is a country that her citizens believed in the oneness of GOD ALMIGHTY. If economic power is the yardstick for measuring being to be given birth in a country, Nigeria is sufficiently rich to top the so called list. But since Nigerians will not allow foreign laws to be practiced in Nigeria, definetely, her placement will not suprise any right thinking person. But still we are greatful to GOD because all those that topped the list still relies on Nigerai wealth for economic survival.

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