20 ladies killed in Maiduguri for wearing mini skirts and trousers

Maiduguri, Nigeria Barely 24 hours after over ten people were slaughtered in Maiduguri, twenty ladies who were mini skirts and trousers were Friday slaughtered in their separate homes in Maiduguri Metropolis by yet to be identified gunmen.

This ugly development is one of its kind, as many believed that most of the daily killings in Borno are only targeted at men and security agencies.

The slaughtering of about twenty different ladies our Correspondent gathered took place in the early hours of Friday precisely at about 1 to 2am when most of residents were still asleep in their houses due to Curfew imposed on the state in the past five months.

More details soon…



    How does Muslims trust this story. 20 ladies were killed just because they wear mini skirts and trousers? It sounds ridiculous and incredible. Islam does not enshrine capital punishment (CP) due to nudity. Offenders that could attract CP in Islam are Armed robber been guilty and charged for killing people he/she robbed; a married person that committed fornication, if caught red-handed by 4 witnesses, and a murderer. I do not understand how Muslims of Maiduguri are represented by the media. It is either they are misrepresented or wrong information is filtered to the press. We have to be careful the way the media present Islam to the world. Some actions of some individual Muslims should not be used as a yardstick to present Islam to the world. Media houses would soon be sued in court by the concerned Muslims if Islamic image is misrepresented. This is a promise.

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