Rapists May Lose Manhood In Osun

Rauf Aregbesola The Osun State government has sent a bill to the House of Assembly, seeking stiffer penalties for rapists, including the cutting off of the penis.

Mrs. Mofolake Adegboyega, Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, told newsmen yesterday in Osogbo that the bill recommended among other penalties, the cutting off of the “third leg.’’

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted the commissioner as saying that the “Violence Against Women and Children Bill,’’ was aimed at reducing the cases of rape in the state.

The commissioner, who expressed sadness at the increasing trend, especially, that of minors, said the state government was working out possible solutions.

According to her, one of the ways of curbing the problem is the bill, which has been sent to the House of Assembly.
She said the bill would spell out details of punishment for culprits within the confines of the law.

Adegboyega cited Saudi Arabia, where legs and even heads of culprits are cut off for serious offences, stressing that it would not be too much to cut off the manhood of a rapist.


    Madam Commissioner, Osun state cannot just wake up and be cutting the manhood of rapists. If you want Osun state to control and prevent rape in her domain, three rules if applied, in a year rape case will reduce to less than 5%. 1. Rapists should be flogged in public if he is not married, married rapist should be stoned to death. 2. Early marriage should be encouraged and enforced among the Osuns. 3. Females should be forced to dress decently and males should not allowed to freely mingle with the opposite sex except their family members. If these three rules are put in place, rape cases would reduce drastically. Cutting the manhood cannot solve the problem of rape in your state or any state. If killing armed robbers by firing squad cannot stop an armed robbery in Nigeria, I do not see how cutting rapist manhood could reduce or addressed the issue of rape in Osun state. A word is enough for the wise

  2. jimoh Ade Reply

    @SIRAJ MUHMAMMAD FUNTUA: Bringing stone age Middle East and Northern Nigeria Sharia to the West will not cut it. In Western World, rapists serve long jail terms. They do not cut off their penis or apply Middle East and Northern Nigeria sharia.

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