Plane catches fire in South Africa (PHOTO)

Photo by: ER24

A light aircraft caught fire and crash landed Sunday morning in Midrand, South Africa.

According to paramedics, the pilot escaped without harm.

The fire was reportedly caused by engine failure, which resulted in the pilot making an emergency landing.

According to ER24 spokesperson Vanessa Jackson, emergency workers found the front of the aircraft engulfed in flames.

“The pilot was standing a short distance away with a fire extinguisher in hand,” said Jackson.

ER24 reports:

ER24 JHB North paramedics were sent out to collect a medically ill patient in Midrand this morning. They were loading the patient onto the stretcher at the side of the road when a passing motorist stopped at the scene and told them that a light aircraft had just gone down about 100 meters from where they were, and the it looked like the aircraft was on fire.

They immediately made their way to where the motorist had indicated and it was not difficult to find as the smoke was clearly visible from the intersection of Douglas and Donovan. While one of the paramedics stayed with the current patient, the other quickly went to assess the situation while they waited for backup to arrive. The light aircraft had gone down in a field at the side of the road, and the front of the aircraft was engulfed in flames.

The pilot was standing a short distance away with fire extinguisher in hand, and after a quick but thorough assessment, it was clear that the man in his 40′s had not even sustained a scratch in the incident. He decided that he would go to his own doctor later on if the need arose. The pilot had been the only occupant of the aircraft at the time of the incident.

There is not yet an indication as to why the light aircraft went down, but local authorities will conduct all necessary investigations.

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