South Africa TV bans fish and chip ad making fun of Zuma (Watch the Video)

South Africa’s state broadcaster has refused to air an advert for a fish and chips firm because it was offensive to President Jacob Zuma, the company and its agent have said.

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The video depicts President Zuma feeding his family on a budget meal.

“You won’t get to watch the new television advert… for The Fish and Chip Co. on SABC because they have banned it,” said agency MetropolitanRepublic on its website.

The animated advertisement begins with the words “Dinner time at Nkandla” above the image of a mansion – a reference to Zuma’s private residence, where taxpayer-funded security upgrades caused a scandal that refuses to go away.

It depicts Zuma having fish and chips with his wives and children. He says at 25 rand ($3, two euros) a plate even the Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will approve.

CEO of the company Carlo Gonzaga said it was “quite presumptuous that they (SABC) are exercising such a censorship role.”

“We don’t believe it’s offensive, it’s a parody, it’s satirical. We think the ad is in good taste,” he told AFP.

“The message of our ad is if you have lots of mouths to feed and you don’t have a budget, (go for) the Fish and Chips Co.”

The 70-year-old Zuma who has four wives and 21 children, is often a subject of caricature by the South African media.

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