I killed my friend to give him peace – Agbero

I killed my friend to give him peace - Agbero A middle-aged man, Joseph Akindele, who allegedly killed his friend Mufutau, said he committed the crime to save his friend from persistent pain and agony.

The suspect, who was arrested with the skull and other remains of the deceased by a team of patrol officers in the Badagry area in Lagos State, said that the deceased is “now happy in death.”

In his statement to the police, Akindele said: “I am a tout. I live under the Gbaji/Iyafin bridge at Badagry with Muftau. I don’t have a means of livelihood and that’s why I live under the bridge. I work as agbero (tout) at motor parks; there, I get money to feed. Muftau has been living under the bridge but he was aways sick and there was no money for treatment and to go to hospital.”

According to the suspect, Muftau’s ailment was a great burden to him so he decided to kill him.

“He was suffering too much because his sickness will not go. We don’t have money for treatment so after watching him suffering because of his sickness, I decided to put a stop to it by killing him with a sharp cutlass, so he can rest from the pains he was suffering,” he said.

The Police allegedly discovered Muftau’s decomposed skull and bones in a bag the suspect was carrying. The suspect has since been transferred to the Homicide department at Panti Yaba for further investigation.

According to a police source, the investigation will reveal if Akindele is insane, a ritualist or/and a cold-blooded murderer.

By Daily Times

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