Principle of Sharia to be main source of Egyptian law

 President Mohammed Morsi Photo: EPA

President Mohammed Morsi Photo: EPA

(Xinhua) — The beleaguered Egyptian Constitution Assembly approved on Thursday in the draft constitution that principle of Sharia (Islamic law) will be the main source of Egyptian legislation.

“Islam is the state religion. Arabic is the official language. Principle of Sharia is the main source of legislation,” the second article of the draft constitution stated.

All members who attended the voting gave a “yes” to this article.

Although President Mohamed Morsi gave the assembly two more months until Feb. 12, 2013 to complete its work, the Islamist- dominated assembly surprised the whole nation at the end of the nine-hour session Wednesday to put their draft constitution to a final vote on Thursday.

In the presence of 85 members, 234 articles of the draft are set to be voted one by one. Those articles that can win two thirds of votes would be approved, while those that cannot win two thirds of votes would be discussed again and be approved if being supported by 57 percent of Assembly members.

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