Nigerian woman, Bunmi Awoniyi named Superior Court judge in US

Bunmi O. Awoniyi

Bunmi O. Awoniyi. Photo:

California Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday named four new Superior Court judges for the Central Valley. Among the judicial appointments announced was the appointment of 48-year-old Nigerian woman, Bunmi O. Awoniyi in Elk Grove, California.

According to Centralvalleybusinesstimes, of the four, three replace judges who have retired and the fourth fills a long-standing vacancy.

Ms. Awoniyi has served as a principal attorney with a family law practice since 1994. She was an adjunct professor at the University of Northern California, Lorenzo Patiño School of Law from 1997 to 1998, an associate attorney at the Law Office of Steven L. Wessels from 1993 to 1994 and an associate attorney at the Law Office of Brady and Kent from 1992 to 1993.

Ms. Awoniyi was a law clerk at the Law Office of D. Kapp Nees in 1991 and a crown prosecutor at the Crown Prosecution Service in London from 1989 to 1990.

Awoniyi earned a Juris Doctorate degree from the Inns of Court School of Law, a Masters of Law degree from the University of Leicester School of Law and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Essex.

She is a certified family law specialist. She fills the vacancy created by the conversion of a court commissioner position on December 3, 2011. Awoniyi is a Democrat.

Each of the new judges will be paid $176,789 (over N28 million) per year.

Michael Jurkovich was named to a judgeship in the Madera County Superior Court.

Brian McNamara was appointed to a judgeship in the Kern County Superior Court.

And Bunmi Awoniyi and Steven Gevercer were named to judgeships in the Sacramento County Superior Court.

  1. Anicho Okoro Reply

    This is great, I wish Madam Bunmi all the best in her new career. It is a big joy to us Nigerians, that we are not only noted for evil, but we are also becoming great people in the world history allover. May God give all the grace to exercise your duties in the fear of God. You are highly favoured. God will continue to lift you up day in day out.
    Pastor Anicho Emmanuel
    Kumba Cameroon

  2. Tsema Reply

    This is great! I am proud of you for making Nigeria Proud! God will continually give you the required wisdom and oder your steps to greater heights. Keep up the good work! – Tsema Adeisrael

  3. Town Crier IJN Reply

    This is an excellent achievement I wanted to know if she was raising a family as a family law specialist.

    • sacranentofamilycourt Reply

      Actually her relatives wete raising her children. For someone busy with a heavy case load how did any mother have time For family. She also has a church along with her current husband in Rancho Cordova California (Sacramento county). FOR those who need help w getting their immigration petitions she can manipulate that too.

    • sacranentofamilycourt Reply

      Actually her relatives were raising her children. For someone busy with a heavy case load how did any mother have time For their family. She also has a church along with her current husband in Rancho Cordova California (Sacramento county). Her husband is a chaplain. At UCD hospital. FOR those who need help w getting their immigration petitions she can manipulate that too.

  4. family court Reply

    The news article. Failed to disclose she worked as a Pro tem (temporary) judge at Sacramento superior court family law division.whereas she manipulated many cases as well distroyed many families. The appointment calls from an application for the position where the public was unaware. She fills a long vacant family court dependency position when then judicial officer Daniel Horton resigned from a prostitution scheme

  5. Gershon Daniel Francoir Dausab Reply

    May God richly bless you and may He reach His purpose for your life.
    Francoir Dausab from Namibia

  6. Wanda Neubert Reply

    My name is Wanda Neubert and I really need some help. I responded to an email about a large loan from Louis Carter Financial. When he responded he asked for $150 for a fee. I asked him if this was the only fee that was to be paid and he responded with a yes. As soon as I sent the fee, then he started asking for more fees and I have sent him over $2400 and he is still asking for more. The other day he asked for $110 for I believe he said it was for MEHE. I thought all these advanced loan fees were against the law in this country. He has defrauded me, scammed me and used extortion on me to get money. Supposedly, he is the biggest and best loan company over there. I have asked for help from the police and the person that responded was Olamide Comissional of Police and 8 times he said just to pay him the money. Then, went to the EFCC and a Farida Waziri responded and did the same thing. Mr. Carter has lied to her saying the he promised he would not ask for more money, and he lied to her because he just keeps asking. Then I went to David Brooks, Investigator and same thing, “just pay him the money. He has ruined my credit, made me absolutely broke, (I will be overdrawn over $2000 when I get paid on Friday, and do not know how I will pay it back because of him. He still wants more money. Is everybody corrupt over there? Went to the FBI, they said there is nothing that can be done, made a complaint to them about him also. Will go to the Consumer Complaint Agency on Friday. This man is a criminal and he is getting away with it. Is there nothing that can be done about this despicable man. I think this lady Farida Waziri must be helping him or is his partner or something, because she sounds like she is corrupt also. There is probably nothing you can do either, but thought it helpful if you knew what is going on. If he is doing it to me, then he is probably doing it to other Americans. I would like to sue him, but because this is another country, no one will touch it. I live in Modesto, Calif and just wanted to clean up my credit but instead it just got worse.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    She has no business being a judge. She has ruined my family because she can’t be professional and is a bias judge. I took my family law case to trial thinking I could finally tell the truth and my side but she didn’t let me finish. Her ruling was so bias and unrealistic for a normal working person. Thanks to her I soon will be jobless and homeless.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I have complained to the Judicial Review Board 4 times. She told the victim of domestic violence that he doesn’t appear afraid enough of the perpetrator and then threatened to take custody away from the victim and give to the perpetrator. She allowed my ex to commit over 100 counts of custodial interference and domestic violence warranting Relocation due to emotional trauma by CalVCP.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    She’s a horrible judge. She was a horrible attorney. She has something personal against men being real fathers to their children. She’s an evil person.

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