Popular female comedian Princess embarrassed in church

Adekoya Damilola popularly known as Princess Popular Nigerian comedienne, Adekoya Damilola commonly known as Princess says she was publicly embarrassed by one of the ushers of Covenant Christian Centre.

The comedienne, who expressed her grievance on her twitter handle said she was embarrassed by one of the church’s ushers who reportedly refused to allow her sit in the front seat while the pastor was preaching because she (Princess) was single.

“I can’t believe this Covenant Christian Centre people and their sitting arrangement. Is this not supposed to be the house of God? One [of the] usher[s] told me I couldn’t sit in front because I am single. I nearly died of embarrassment, in the presence of God! *sad face,” she tweeted.

According to her, Pastor Poju later apologised to her few days ago which she accepted: [@pastorpoju, accepted but I feel really PAINED u waited dis long knowing wat ur usher did on Sunday was VERY wrong. Its not a sin 2 b SINGLE!]

Surprisingly Princess later found out that the pastor himself is also a single.

In her reply to the pastor after finding out his marital status, she wrote: “@pastorpoju OMG! So u r single too, that usher owes a BIG time apology. He spoilt my day, made me regret coming to ur church & hurt my feelings.”

The pastor seem to have deleted his apology tweet, as we could not get his tweets on the matter.

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