Controversy over Patience Jonathan’s dressing to brother-in-law’s burial (PHOTO)

Following the burial ceremony of president Jonathan’s younger brother, Chief Meni Jonathan in Otuoke, Bayelsa state last Saturday, December 8, several people have criticized the first lady’s choice of outfit for the solemn occasion on social media.

The first lady appeared in sharp contrast to her husband by wearing a black colored gown with heavy gold embroidery and head-tie to match. She also had on heavy make-up and was decked in jeweleries, which made her stand out among all other mourners. Meanwhile, president Jonathan wore a simple black long sleeve shirt, navy blue trousers with a fez cap.

Although there is no particular dress code for burial ceremonies, some say the grief and sadness in the air makes it a fashion faux pas meaning fashion violation to be dressed elegantly or heavily accessorized as the first lady. Others argued that a simple plain black gown without embroidery and a smaller head-tie would have been appropriate, while some simply said the make up should have been toned down a bit because it is a burial not a wedding or naming ceremony.

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Patience Jonathan's at Meni Jonathan's burial

controversy over patience dressing
controversy over patience dressing

  1. com. jeje Reply

    That is women mistake but at her level since it was her husband younger brother she shld av not dressed so mush. However woman is woman

  2. Daniel ee Richard Reply

    There is no need for all this reply because too much foolish is in display in this country. One might have his/her wardrobe stock with expensive attires but it take wisdom to know which is suitable for every occasion. She have more to learn

  3. atim u Reply

    Wetin concern me

  4. Adewale Adegboyega Reply

    Well,she’s trying to show d position of her wealth pple,but she supposed to dress according to each incidence.Thats called Sample Techniques

  5. Emeka Reply

    This shows that many of us don’t have work to do. What is wrong with what the woman wear, if she decides to go on rags will that bring her brother in-law back to life. Nigerian Newspapers has made so much money from president Jonathan and his family that I think it becomes imperatives that he begin to ask them for royalties. These days it seems that it is only things concerning the president and his family that sells. After all I have gone for burial where everybody including the mourners deck themselves in expensive apparels. The mourners even change clothes up to three times. Nothing you do that people will cease from talking. Backyard journalism.

  6. Fola Reply

    Pls leave this woman alone, there is nothing wrong with what she is putting on here.The truth is that it is not easy to be a leader if u have ever be a leader u will understand and also impossible to please everyone. Pray for her rather.

  7. owolabi Reply

    what are u expecting from a semi illiterate, my grandma will not goof this way at 91, at least put on bra.

  8. nora Reply

    i actually dont c any tin wrong in her choice of dress. wat matters is dat she is dre to pay her last respect to d dead and dis day most women who lose dre parents even wear ashoebi not to talk of someone dat lost a broda inlaw pls stop all dis critics and concentrate on sometin beta dat can promote dis contry for gud.

  9. nkechi Reply

    well our president wife is not wrong in any way but what i observe here is that we dont value our leaders that is why they are not doing anything for us.Nigerians learn how to be respectful it is very necessary.

  10. Emmanuel Joshua Reply

    Hahahahahahahha Now Jonathan’s stuff have become everybody’s business hmmmm Nigerians pls mind ur business, ok. asuming she attended d burial in a simple way u wudnt hv stop saying somthing.

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