VIDEO: Amazing Gangnam Style Christmas Lights

Gangnam Style” song has managed to make its way into Christmas celebration as an interactive Christmas lights groove to gangnam style.

The Christmas light show features more than 25,000 lights that surround the family’s house and garage. The highlight of the display is definitely the giant mega tree display, which requires its own control unit.

“I spent a lot of time trying not to do it to ‘Gangnam Style’ because I thought the song was overdone,” Illman told “But there was nothing else as catchy and unrelenting.’’

It took 41,000 bulbs, 2,000 programmable channels synced to his laptop and 200 man-hours by Illman and his family and friends to create the spectacle at his home, located near Perth in western Australia. This is the seventh straight year that Illman has created a Christmas light show at his house, but the first one for which he’s used a pop song instead of traditional fare like “Carol of the Bells.”


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