“You were not there when we started this journey” – Witch bird talks back in Zimbabwe

The woman in this picture is a cross border trader from Dzivarasekwa, Zimbabwe, who is being tormented by a bird sent to her by a traditional healer known as n’anga from Chipinge, also in Zimbabwe.

Emmaculate Alice Chirunga

Emmaculate Alice Chirunga

31-year-old Emmaculate Alice Chirunga, said she was robbed of her bags of clothing and she sought the help of the traditional healer who worked his magic leading to the return of not only the goods but the woman got compensated as well.
It was reported that problems began when the n’anga demanded a cut and the trader said she would pay him next year. He is said to have dispatched the bird to force payment.

But Chirunga said this was not what happened. She said when she got the money from the thieves she put aside the $350 demanded by the n’anga on the bed and went into the toilet. When she came back the money was gone and a bird was sitting there.

“I phoned the n’anga and told him that the money was gone. He said the money had been taken by Sekuru Ndoro, meaning the bird. He said I should take the bird to Birchenough Bridge and leave it there.”

She said she was on her way to Birchenough Bridge when the bird started talking at Mbare Musika.

“At Mbare Musika while waiting for the bus I told my brother what had happened. He said I should have consulted other family members about this. That is when the bird said to him ‘You, you were not there when we started this journey.”

Hearing this her brother fled and a crowd gathered around her. She was later taken to a police station. Chirunga, a divorced mother of three, said she was not bothered because she knew where the n’anga was and everything will be sorted.

Source: NewsdzeZimbabwe

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