Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime feared dead

NOTE: Gov. Sullivan Chime has debunked his death rumour by releasing a statement. Read it HERE

Gov. Sullivan Chime

Gov. Sullivan Chime

Enugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime, was feared dead on Saturday.

Unconfirmed reports had it that Chime passed on at an Indian hospital after battling an undisclosed ailment for some months.

Meanwhile, The PUNCH’s Enugu State correspondent, Ozioma Ubabukoh, was harassed by seven men who claimed to be security agents in front of his apartment in Enugu around 11.45pm on Saturday.

The men seized Ubabukoh’s phone and his laptop in order to stop him from sending stories to the head office.

The men insisted that they were not leaving until 3am.

Efforts to get across to some commissioners in the state were not successful as their phones were switched off.

  1. Emeka richards Reply

    A heavy laden have befall on us enugu state is quiet unfortunate dat our gov. Will not celebrate xmas wit us. Bt God givs God takes dats all.

  2. Oliver Reply

    Pls let there be clarity in reporting



  4. Chimdi Reply

    D guy is not dead…dnt wish him dead…story is a hoax

  5. chinetugo Reply

    may his soul rest in peace

  6. Uchesmog Reply

    How authentic is dis story. I dnt believe in uncomfirmed stories.

  7. Stanley Nolly Reply

    Plz, diz joke is expensive 2 creak in hia,wishin my able Governor untimely death is unfair.

  8. Bright Reply

    God forbide

  9. odoh amuka chigozie Reply

    I don’t believe that what am hearing is true, we Enugu state pple want the true .is he dead

  10. Edunwa Reply

    rest in peace sir

  11. Atomicity Reply

    I wish it will nt bi truth cos our gov. is a good man

  12. keengz Reply

    Eeya it bad dat u re nat celebratin cristmaz wit em.

  13. Modesta UNN Reply

    Dis is 2 tel us dt we cam 2 d world wt notin and we go back wt notin. Oda stubon politician shud len dea lesons.De knife is alredy in de air, unles dey repent.2 hs jst. died 4rm PDP.4rm MODESTER NSK

  14. Godwin Adams Reply

    I just pray dis is just fake report cos chime has really prove to be a good gov.

  15. Toni Ogbe Reply

    At this point we’renot too sure of what to beleive
    Whats the point holding back the information
    His people have the right to know what is happening to
    their leader
    However let the will of God be done in his life

  16. nonso from Amofia-Affa Reply

    My 2 our governor chime let it not be true story,I love dat man is a good governor,enugu state government have ever produce since existing,my prayer to him dat wll have mercy upon him and see him through in Jesus name I pray(amen)

  17. onyenwe uwa Reply

    His good work in the state,will not allow the desire and wishes of his detractors and evil prospectors against the state to hold,as the rumour comes from the pit of hell,so shall your health and restoration emanates from the throne of Gods grace,you shall live…..Amen

  18. Mr Rychied Reply

    Die or no die. Let us know his condition

  19. eneh infinity Reply

    my man is alife i speak wit him yesterday he say to me,any evil dat say am dead we not stay at enugu again

  20. eneh infinity Reply

    god let this be rumor sullivan is a good governor, since in my life i never hear about a good leder like this,if sullivan is ledership in nigeria we be better than this,god give him more life to leder us well.

  21. onyeaghanna. Reply

    Mr. death was so sorry to have disappointed all the enemies of progress who wished the only visible hope of stabilizing the wealth & political base of Enugu death.(I have good news 4 U check His Excellency out on the 4th coming Enugu State ROAD BLOCK.)God who made him Governor will fulfill his covernant with him.

  22. Iyk Reply

    It’s a pity dat ppl can 4get easily. Enugu was like an abandoned city where nothing is working. But, since dis man of vision came on board everything changed. Enugu can now boast of security, gd road,water,constant payment of salary 2 workers,employment,transportation etc. Those who re propagating dis rumour re enemies of progress. They ve failed bcos my able and amiable gov is alive and will be alive 2 enjoy d fruit of his labour.

  23. Nweze e ol Reply

    What i know is that Gov.was sick. But as of now, he is well & sound b/c Our heavenly Father said that the cry of the saints shall never go in vein.D cry of d pple of enugu state abt. there gov.will not be in vein in Jesus name. Amen.

  24. Ezenwata Chinwendu N. Reply

    Oh! My God, all this things are rumour. How can people wish a living man dead? Dat man is a divine project which can never be abandond on the way. God pls help our governor and make him whole again in Christ Jesus. Amen.

  25. Emma Ozoagu Reply

    May God deliver my Elder brother, Bar Sullivan Chime,my distinguished Governor from the fangs of death.So that he can continue his wonderful and ebulent work for Enugu state. Unem onwoho ihe jeke eme gh na aha Jesus.Amen.

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