Kaduna Muslim Youths Celebrate Governor’s Death

Kaduna Muslim youths celebrate Governor's death Some Kaduna residents were agog with celebration when the news of the death of Governor Yakowa filtered in from Bayelsa.

People in Kawo, Angwarimi, Tudun Wada Pawa, Angwan Dosa, Mararaban Rido, some parts of Zaria and other surrounding villages are having “a shocking but fanatics jubilating” and youths driving bikes recklessly as if its Sallah celebration.

All Mai shayi joints are full with smiling faces of people who are delighted in ignorance that a brother died, that a governor who have giving leadership his best, a man that in honestly have excelled more than any governor in the North today, simply because he is not one of us.

He is a Christian, and one of our own, a Muslim brother will replace him as the state new governor.

This is a big shame and quite embarrassing to an average God fearing Muslim, who is aware that life and death is only in the hands of Allah most compassionate. – Aliyu Bello.

  1. concern nigerian Reply

    It is quite unfortunate if anyone body not minding his or her religeous believe should not under any circumstance be jubilating over the death of a fellow human being,one day all of us shall taste death if not now but later.My sincere condolence to the entire people that felt the lost of a dear brother.

  2. Ajayi Abdullahi Ojo Reply

    Every soul shall taste death. Nobody is exempted. “See yourself as somebody on a journey and branch under the shade of a tree to have a rest before you continue your journey.” Hadiths.

  3. Ajayi Abdullahi Ojo Reply

    Every soul shall taste death. When, where and how is only known to Allah. Nobody is exempted. “See yourself as somebody on a journey and branch under the shade of a tree to have a rest before you continue your journey.” Hadiths.

  4. Akinsanmi Akintayo Samuel Reply

    Death is an inevitable debt dat every1 one must surely pay 4 in respective of tribes or religions 1 may belong to.


    Dear and fellow Muslims, it is unfortunate that some so called Muslims are jusy Muslims by name and family background. Islam does not teach what they are doing at all. Islam is a religion of peace, love and symppathy. The Prophet of Islam has never teach or encourage what they are exhibiting in Kaduna today. Let me remind those Muslims one episode that occured during the life time of the Prophet, SAW,. A jew boy was so sick that the mother had to invite the Prophet on the request of the teenager. The Prophet understood that the boy will soon die; he, SAW, encouraged the jewish teenager to say the shahada before giving up the ghost. The teenger luckily and by destiny saiad the shahada before he died. The prophet was extremely glad. The companions saw the face of the Prophet was shining and radiant with happiness. They enquired from him, SAW,the source of his happiness and he, SAW, saiad I saved a life from going to hell-fire now. Dear brothers, life and death are creatures of Allah. He takes and preserves life. We should fear Allah and respect other people’s religion. It is high time Muslims in the north should start to behave Islamically. Islam is propagated by good quality manners, and not by sword. We should learn to be tolerant and not confrontational.

  6. Datubo Reply

    It’s very sad, unthinkable, unbeleivable that certain people could rejoice and make merriment over the death of a creature. Islam does not and will never support this act in it’s entirety. The Kaduna Muslim Youths are not in anyway promoting Islam. They are half-baked muslims.. Just by name…
    Allah (SWT) gives life and takes it at when it pleases him and in any form whatsoever. It pains me so seriously to see or hear someone rejoicing because another person who practices different religion is dead!!
    Come to think of it, is this Islam that these Kaduna Youths are showing to the world?? Today, we have many muslims who dupe and kill other Muslims in the name of Islam!! My heart bleeds because of the glaring bad acts and deeds of my fellow Muslims. God have mercy…..

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