Presidency reacts to reports on crashed helicopter, says stories are false, gives details

crashed helicopter Reno Omokri, who is the Special Assistant on New Media to President Goodluck Jonathan has reacted to reports on the crashed helicopter that killed Kaduna State Governor Patrick Yakowa, ex-National Security Adviser, Gen. Andrew Azazi (retd.) and four others.

Reacting to the stories, especially a particular story that says the crashed helicopter made 15 trips on the day, Reno Omokri said:

“Over the past days, we’ve seen all manner of persons make inaccurate assumptions that have hurt the families of the departed.

In our rush to judgment many have made false claims without considering that the victims of their poisoned pen were those in mourning.

Ultimately we have one eternal and universal Judge that we will all meet some day, but let me attempt to lay out some facts.

The mourner DID NOT commandeer any military plane. He and his family and friends paid for boats and private helicopters to ferry guests.

One of the invited guests was a general, now of blessed memory.

If critics had investigated they would have found out that a 5 star general, though retired, is accorded the office of a general for life.

He is given the treatment of a general everywhere he goes. Including use of military vehicles.

It is not only uncharitable to accuse a mourner who has just suffered additional loss of something he is innocent of, it’s also inhumane.

A blatant lie! It takes 40 minutes to fly from PH to Okoroba, if it did 15 trips that is over 12 hours, does that make sense?

There were people there physically including Clergy, activists and community leaders who can attest that that story is FALSE!”

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