There Is Power In A Name: End Colonial Identity And Re-Baptize Nigeria – By Uzoma Ahamefule

Uzoma Ahamefule Every name has a meaning but the name Nigeria cannot say to be the same. No Nigerian can tell you the meaning of Nigeria without having any problem.

As we found it necessary and important to change the national anthem given to us by the colonial masters so it is extremely very important that we change these confusion, hatred, corruption, poverty, disease, violence etc. in the name Nigeria to something more reasonable, meaningful and identical to our culture and heritage because there is power in a name.

According to history the name Nigeria was first made public in the “The Times” colonial newspaper in 1897 by the Editor Flora Shaw who later got married to Lord Lugard the Governor General that amalgamated all the nations to one Nigeria in 1914.

Name plays important role to someone’s life you can ask President Goodluck Jonathan who was a deputy Governor but with luck in his name he later became the Governor and he was a vice President and again with luck in his name he became the President out of the doctrine of necessity. Because of Goodluck, he may one day become the UN Sec. Gen. However, now that he is the president Nigerians are yet to see the luck that catapulted him to these high positions in their lives.

There is power in a name, re-baptize Nigeria and end this colonial identity so that Nigeria can be free.

Join the campaign of renaming Nigeria.

Uzoma Ahamefule, a concerned patriotic citizen writes from Vienna, Austria (+436604659620)

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