Patrick Obahiagbon speaks against jubilation over governor’s death by some northerners

Hon. Patrick Obahiagbon Nigerian big grammar politician, Patrick Obahiagbon opened up concerning the reaction of some northerners to news of the death of former Kaduna State Governor, Mr. Patrick Yakowa, who died in a naval helicopter crash in Bayelsa State on Saturday.

Obahiagbon said: ‘Whilst I feel tongue tied that we are witnessing another “air mishap” that has taken the lives of fellow Nigerians,I am utterly shocked to hear of the jubilation in certain Northern political quarters and muslim youths in Kaduna state.Just too too cruddy and It is Beyond the fugacious razzmatazz of the moment,I seriously call attention to the rutilanting and coruscating modus vivendi of Master Jesus the Christ and I dare pontificate that save and until we viscerally emblematize the virtues of self-immolation,quintessential abnegation, eulogizeable simplicity, humility and immerse ourselves in a platonic emotionalism of agape love and communalistic service and head to unity as one Nation.’

  1. concern nigerian Reply

    Patrick,it really beyond comment and may God continue to bless the death.History has a way of repeating itself somehow,I could still remember vividly as a student in A.B.U zaria way back then when gen Abatcha died,some southern christians were jubilating including bitting drums and dancing.what is good for the goose is also good for the gender.I will miss my able gov yakowa and all on board and pray for the souls of the departed.

  2. aminat Reply

    @ concern nigerian. i must say first and foremost that u are not a concern Nigerian, u are a tribalistic and religious fanatic. the two things u equated are not the same. Abacha was a military head of state, terror to everyone killing people and oppressing all asundary in Nigeria( north,south,west and east), he would have received the same treatment after his death if he were to be a xtian,blc he oppressed and tortured the entire Nigerians.Yakowa was democratically elected by the people of kaduna state and the majority that voted him into power got a right to have him rule them, so whether he was a xtian governor ruling over the muuslims did not arise. It is high time you realised that religion and ethnicity has nothing to do with good governance but the ability to deliver the dividend of democracy to the people. Know well that the time of forcing religion on people is passed, it is blc God permitted yakowa to die in the crash, he would have ruled kaduna state till his mandate expires . The spirit in which you have stated your point indicated the spirit of Boko Haramism but we shall overcome you all in a short while.

    • concern nigerian Reply

      @Aminat,we can differ on how we view things and express your opinion without attack on the personality of a concern nigeria,just because Abatcha was a dictator doest call for jubilation over his demise,views can differ as earlier mentioned,if in your opinion abatcha deserves that then where does that place you?I’m still of the opinion there is no justification what so ever to jubilate over the death of a fellow being.How then do you explain the killings of innocent nigerians today?does that calls for jubilation should GEJ depart this world?

    • pat Reply

      well-spoken Aminat..

  3. concern nigerian Reply

    The truth is always bitter.

  4. gurl Reply

    @ concerned nigerian, @ d time of abacha’s death, i was still in secondary sch @ , in fggc bwari abuja. I remember vividly hw d whole sch became rowdy with ppl jubilating and ofcourse with majority of d population muslims. That goes to show that it had nothing to do with religion bt d oppression he subjected nigerians to. Ppl only rejoiced becos of their freedom frm cruelty nd dictatorship he dealt them with.

  5. concern nigerian Reply

    @guri,all I’m saying is,there is no enough justification for one or group of people to jubilate over the death of a fellow being.But if one feels the above mentioned criteria are enough justification to jubilate,so be it but my close friend for over twenty yrs whom I cautioned then on the consequence of his action is full of regrets beside why bring religion into it?I believe it is wrong what ever religion one belongs to.All opinions are respected but we can differ on them.

  6. suraju Reply

    @corncern nigerian, ur point has no bases, xo kp quiet. @aminat, u ar a tru nigerian may God bless dx country and help us to bear d irreparable lost of our governor.

  7. concern nigerian Reply

    @suraju,my points may not have bases after all you couldn’t make a single point,if there are are criteria to jubilate the death of a human being to you,I still fail to see any.I repeat there is no enough reason to jubilate over the demise of fellow human being,we can differ in opinion but one is entitled. To one.

  8. Idris Reply

    On sighting d corps of an un believer been carried by some group of ppl, Prophet MUH‘D (pbuh) stood up frm HIS sitting positn to pay tribute to it, there are lessons to be learnt frm dis act of HIS‘. Let‘s call a spade “a spade“ it‘s very wrong & un-islamic, no religion or tribe welcm dis no matter what he /she might hv done when he /she was alive, GOD is d judge, let‘s leave dem & pray for dem for one day we‘ll all bcome once existing, after all no one is 100% clean, then why jubilating for smone‘s death? Very wrong. Let‘s sugst d way fwrd & stop critisizing d dead ones. I think Amina shld be pardon bcos she has corrected her mistake. May GOD ALMIGHTY foergive deads & d living souls.

  9. Shedang Reply

    @Aminat you have made your point excellently well! @Concern Nigerian we are sick and tired of the lies and deception that you moslems parade each time there is a debate. Now @Idris has gone further to quote from your book. From yr 2000 till date you have causeD the death of many an uncountable number of Christians UNDER YOUR JIHAD AGENDA. Justice has 2 face for you guys: once a matter is before a judiciary or for adjudication, the outcome is decided on religious grounds. All these began when your types began to twist truth on its head. As you are now pretending to be holier than thou ON THIS FORUM. Simple and true I was in a christian fellowship in Lagos when the news broke out of Abacha’s demise. The whole street jubilated and came out en mass to celebrate their answered prayers: WHICH IS? The deliverance FROM a wicked and maximum ruler. MAY WE NEVER HAVE HIS TYPE IN OUR LIVES IN THIS NATION AGAIN IN JESUS NAME!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    for Gumi saying this,he will never go unpunished by God’s grace

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