WAEC Nov/Dec GCE 2012 result released

WAEC UPDATE: The result indicate an increase in Candidates’ performance compare to last year.

Charles M. Eguridu, Head, Nigeria National Office, West African Examination Council (WAEC), while announcing the release of the results at the Lagos office disclosed that out of the 396,614 candidates that sat for the examination, 150,615 representing 37.97 percent obtained credits in five subjects and above including English Language and Mathematics.

According to him, a comparative analysis of candidates’ performance in the November/December 2010-2012 WASSCE shows that there has been a consistent improvement in the performance of candidates which he says “is an indication that investment in the education sector, particularly, under the transformation agenda of the present administration is beginning to yield dividends.”

The new WAEC boss said that out of the total number that sat for the examination, 406,108 candidates representing 98.27 percent have their results fully released while 7,158 candidates, representing 1.73 percent have a few of their subjects still being processed due to some errors mainly traceable to the candidates which he says were committed during registration and actual conduct of the examination.

In breaking down the results, Eguridu noted that a total of 47,289 candidates’ results representing 11.04 percent are being withheld in connection with cases of examination malpractice.

“All the reports on cases of involvement in examination malpractice have been compiled for presentation to Nigeria Examination of the council at its next meeting” he said.

Earlier report…

WAEC Nov/Dec GCE 2012 Result has finally been released online December 19th, 2012. All Nigerian students who sat for the Exam can now check their Nov/Dec 2012 GCE Result Online now.

How To Check

6 Steps to checking 2011 WAEC GCE Results

Step1 : Identifying yourself: Supply your 10-digit WAEC GCE 2011 Examination Number. (ie. your 7-Digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate seat number eg. 4123456789)

Step2 : Tell WAEC that your examination year is 2011. However you can type in other years if you are not checking for 2012.

Step3 : Select the type of examination you sat for. For GCE, choose Nov/Dec. or do otherwise if you wrote internal exam.

Step4 : Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card.

Step5 : Enter the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card

Step6 : Click “Submit” and wait for your GCE results window to come up.

How to check your WAEC result via a mobile phone

You can check your WAEC result via SMS.

To check your WAEC GCE Nov/Dec 2011 with a mobile phone, you will need to buy the WAEC Direct Scratch card for N350.

Simply send a short code in this format:

WAEC*ExamNo*PIN*ExamYear to 32327 .

For example, if your WAEC Examination number is 42966731, your PIN is 123456, and you sat for WAEC GCE in 2012,
send WAEC*42966731*123456*2012 to 32327 .

The WAEC SMS result checking service costs N30 per SMS and is available only on Glo, Airtel, and MTN networks.

Sending your WAEC result to your email

With the result checker function at the WAEC Direct website, you can send a copy of your WAEC result to your email address.

This will make it easily accessible when ever you need it. My advise is that you send a copy to your email address when checking your WAEC GCE/SSCE result at the WAEC result checker portal.

This is because you have only 5 access to your WAEC result per scratch card. Sending a copy to your email means you can access it as many times as you want via your email.

To send your WAEC result to your email, select the Send results to Email option on WAEC result checker, after you have logged in and enter your email address and click submit.

A copy of your WAEC result will be sent to your email address.

See website for checking: www.waecdirect.org

Source: Nigerianuniversitynews

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