Nigerian pilgrims in Israel drink wine at Canaan

Nigerian pilgrims in Israel drink wine at Canaan Christian pilgrims from Nigeria who are currently in Israel for this year’s pilgrimage on Thursday purchased and drank wine at Canaan in Galilee, where Jesus Christ performed his first miracle.

According to biblical history, Christ and his disciples were invited to a wedding and when the wine ran out, Christ turned water into wine.

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) covering the pilgrimage reports that the pilgrims tasted varieties of wine sold at a wine shop in Canaan.

They also bought some of the wine before entering the Church of Wedding where they worshipped.

In his sermon at the church, Ven. Peter Ogunmuyiwa, said that marriage was institutionalised by God which made Christ to perform the miracle of turning water into wine.

He advised the pilgrims to always invite God into their marriages in order to have successful marriages.

“When God is in your marriage, you will not lack; the new wine represents a new way of life.

“Jesus will find answer to all your problems,” he said.

The pilgrims also visited Capernaum on the North shore of Galilee, where Christ spent most of his ministry.

It was in Galilee that Christ chose his first disciples- Andrew, Peter, James and John.


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