PHOTOS: Chris Brown shows off his hotel in Lagos; challenges Nigerian govt

Chris seems to be marveled by Lagos. He uploaded a few pics of himself staying at this really plush house probably somewhere in Victoria Island. His caption read, This house I’m at in Nigeria is big as f*ck!

It’s great to see pretty houses, but I can’t help but think about how whack the government is when I look at these photos. If even a quarter of this kind of beauty was more spread out in Nigeria, imagine… Anyway, check out more of his pics below.

Chris Brown in Lagos

Chris Brown in Lagos

Chris Brown in Lagos

Chris Brown in Lagos

  1. Ruby Reply

    Majority of Black Americans are very ignorant about Africa,they think we run around naked and chase Lions. They are always in total shock when they visit Africa,and they see beautiful homes, cars and people with clothes on and not chasing Lions…

    • Frank Reply

      Most black American are ignorant of Africa,even Chris Brown himself,when he comes back let him educate his ignorant blacks,fools.

      • the nigerian Reply

        He was in south africa some years ago(or last year. I’m not sure) and he did a documentary on how beautiful africa is and how wrong the perception the worls has about africa is.

  2. Igwe Reply

    When you have a bunch of irresponsible men as leaders this is the kind of things you get.
    It is not possible that an American police officer will stand as security to a celebrity much more talk of four fully armed mobile police officer that should be somewhere fighting crime, posing with Chris Brown.

  3. frank J Reply

    I think your caption of this story is misleading bcos from Chris Brown’s statement, there’s nowhere he implied that the house belongs to him.. Instead he seems to be admiring the house and blaming the govt for such unequal distribution of infratructure/income etc He has a problem with the social injustice prevalent in our country..That’s why he said, and i quote “This house I’m at in Nigeria is big as f*ck!

    It’s great to see pretty houses, but I can’t help but think about how whack the government is when I look at these photos. If even a quarter of this kind of beauty was more spread out in Nigeria, imagine”
    So please, i believe this house probably belongs to a Nigerian politician of corrupt public office holder and the young man here(Brown) probably must have been driven around parts of Lagos and seen the level of social injustice, this drove him to make the above statement.

  4. k2012 Reply

    chris brown was refering to our leaders,he knew that the place that he stay belong to one man and when he move round, he discover that majority of our people are suffering while some people in power are corrupt and use those federal money for themselves.

  5. Win Dele Reply

    Pics speaks volume. Brown statement said it all. The armed police guiding him shows that Nigeria is a state of War from armed robbery. Boko Haram and kidnapping.These international expo will drive away any potential foreign investor and any hope of gainful employment. Again the comment about a f**k big house is a depiction of the garrison mentality of our ruling class-build a prison mansion called a house while you are surrounded by a pitiful masses in slums. What a pity.

  6. osakoboro Reply

    Please do not insult your fellow blacks in America or any where in the western world. Some of them who are ignorant have been treated disrespectfully and denied real education all their lives. First of all their ancestors were sold as slaves to be brutalized. They were stripped of their dignity and ensure that they remain servants till death.

    Up till now an ill educated Black person is mentally entrapped to downgrade himself. Movies depicting Africans as barbarians are still in use to educate most of them who have no means to travel there.

    A Black person with an accent in America is regarded as heavily accented and too hard to understand by some naive and prejudicial minded Americans. In some cases the Africans are told to speak English like the Americans. The same people are quick to understand a white person with an accent. Anybody educated under these circumstances is handy-capped to reason objectively.

    Chris Brown is a civil right activist. He is simply saying to Nigerian deceitful administrators to get real with the people and spread the wealth.

    It is only fools who misinterpret Mr. Brown,s admiration to be negative. Nigerians who studied in foreign countries are blessed with the same observation.

  7. Grace Reply

    I agree he was referring to the unequal distribution of wealth in Nigeria. See, here in America, the poor can share a block with the super rich so you find that the rich only differ by the furnishings in their apartment and maybe the cars they drive. That’s what I call a planned country. The blocks for the poor can easily be compared to those for the rich in Africa. What is sad about this is that these African leaders have traveled and seen all these beautiful ideas but they still go back home and loot from the people who elect them. I could go on and on but this was about Chris Brown so I will stop here.

  8. the nigerian Reply

    Na wa o. This don turn political debate o. He was simply admiring the house. Even by his standards this house is massive. It could mean that he has corrected his mindset even more that africans(nigerians in particular) are not poor. He didn’t mean it as an insult. It’s just very simple admiration. Oh…and the owner of this website should change the caption. It’s not a hotel, nor is it a politician’s house. It belongs to a quiet business man and billionaire in Lagos…

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