War of words between footballers Osaze and Victor Ikpeba on Twitter

Osaze Odemwingie

Osaze Odemwingie

Former Nigerian footballer Victor Ikpeba first started the war by directing his tweet to Osaze, stating that he would disgrace him (according to his @IkpebaOfficial twitter account)

Ikpeba wrote: ‘Look at this small boy @OdemwingieP that i watched playin football. U now have the Gods to insulted me.

I will disgrace Peter Odemwingie! How dare you!’

In response, Osaze said:

‘Ok Victor e don reach ur turn – talking about professionalism huh- did u have any business in the dressing room during game against guinee?

Ur handshake could have been back luck to me cos you have prejudged opinion about me. Coach and his team only in dressing room please !!!

If u had coaching talent u would at least be one by now. That means you don’t know much about the game. Means don’t be a adviser to FF

u want me to be mature ? Ur interview that me and Mikel shouldn’t be in the national team ? Shouldn’t u leave that to the coach to say?

I heard ur story oh. How hot tempered u where as a player. They said far worse than me. I might have done few little mistakes but Little!

Now for the coach small one cos I just remembered what he told me him self. He said they told Westerhof its them or JayJay in a afcon

That he was playing for him self 2 much. Jay jay future only in the semi final of that nations cup. Was Big Boss the coach ? Which boss self

People read between the lines as well. U ll understand the big picture. Oliseh said Siasia was the one they send to rattle officials hahaa

I ve gone of track. Back to u bros. I wanted to play this cup for our fans and not you guys. Cos u guys change like chameleons when suits u

U said I can talk face 2 face with u only when I achieve what you achieved ? No be so senior. Treat ur little bros like family not oga.

My reply to you V. Ikpeba. Prince of Monaco ? Ты не принц, а скорее принцесса. Ты не тянешь. Так что, ДАВАЙ ДО СВИДАНИЯ !

Back to celebrations on the bus. Let me put my Ipod pls. Will be hard to stop this boys from rocking this bus on gangnam style hahaha’



  1. Tunde Reply

    I’m shocked that you would report an exchange between an obvious parody account and Osaze to be real. Has journalism sunk to such low depths?. Please take down this story and stop misleading the public.

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