Former Redeemed Church Pastor apologizes for comments on Politicization of RCCG’s Holy Ghost Congress

Jonathan at RCCG Pastor Bankole Solomon, a lawyer and the Ogun State Secretary of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), has apologized for his comment aimed at President Goodluck Jonathan’s appearance at the congress, saying it was a tool for political manipulation of members of the popular church.

Pastor Solomon, had earlier condemned what he described as the politicization of the church’s annual Holy Ghost congress in a statement he posted on his Facebook page.

Below is Pastor Bankole’s first posting about the issue on his Facebook Wall:

I know this post will attract a sharp condemnation because I worship in RCCG & I was once a pastor before I resign0ed voluntarily because of rights violations in the name of religion.

I resigned in December 2010.

But am still worshipping in there as an ordinary member.

So, whatever. I have here is without prejudice.

Holy ghost congress of our great church is now a political congress where all shades of corrupt leaders will mount our altar to fool Nigerians on what they will do.

Holy Ghost congress is now a supermarket where all kinds of people like charlatans & political opportunist come shopping turning God to father xmas to give dem end of d year bonus.

Jonathan was even there turning our once sacred altar to political podium talking deceitfully & indirectly campaigning for 2015.

My question is this? On what ground was president Jonathan allowed to speak to people. Is he a pastor? Because d gathering is purely spiritual gathering & event. I’ve been a pastor in Redeemed for d past 10 years & I’ve not got any opportunity to sit on that altar not to talk of holding microphone. If because Jonathan is a president & he is recognized, it means some are more equal than others.

Immediately, I left camp on Saturday morning, I looked at the camp very well because I know that would be d last time I will set my foot to that Eagle square called Redeemed camp.

His apology

He also posted the apology on his Facebook page some hours ago. Read it below:

I have to break my silence again to apologise to those that feel offended about my posting on our dear church. I thanked our AG0 dat counselled me.

Am so sorry for any pains.To u there, am sorry, church was not my target but corruption & injustice in our society.


To my mother,am sorry,to our daddy AGO,am sorry & to my daddy deeply sorry,THANKS.

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