“Nigeria, The Giant Of Africa”- If It’s A Title We Must Renounce It (By Adebote Oluwaseyifunmi)

By Adebote Oluwaseyifunmi

THE GIANT OF AFRICA– call it one of Nigeria’s many accolades, an eulogy, an appraisal, a title, whatever you consider it to be, but it’s undebatable, that this phrase THE GIANT OF AFRICA often accompany the presence of the country Nigeria at different occasion and scene both at national and international levels.

Patriotic Nigerians within and beyond the length, breadth of this great continent “Africa” utters the phrase “NIGERIA- THE GIANT OF AFRICA” over and over with so much pride and excessive confidence.

The Giant Of Africa

The Giant Of Africa. Photo: Nigeriaintel

Media houses and broadcasting institutes would not cease to emphasize at every available opportunity especially where and when other African countries are on the scene- that NIGERIA remains- “THE GIANT OF AFRICA”

Virtually all sport personalities given the chance to represent the country – Nigeria would chorus it over and over like an anthem on their various field of play- I represent “NIGERIA- THE GIANT OF AFRICA”

Now I ask you- does it excites you each time you hear Nigeria being referred to as NIGERIA- THE GIANT OF AFRICA”? How well does it gladdens you as a patriotic Nigeria each time you are reminded that you hail from the country- that is the only giant amidst the 53 other countries on the African soil? Well, I used to feel the excitement of being opportuned to come from the roots of the giant of a whole continent.

And now I seek the permission of patriotic Nigerians, only patriotic Nigerians to read along with me and discover the reasons why we “Nigerians” must stand up tall, bold and define NIGERIA- THE GIANT OF AFRICA”, thereafter renounce this deceptive phrase NIGERIA- THE GIANT OF AFRICA”- ascribed to Nigeria.

According to the New 8th Edition of The Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary- International Student’s Edition which is widely accepted in Nigeria, a GIANT is defined as a very large strong person who is often cruel and stupid- definition 1, and a GIANT is also defined as a person who is very good at something- definition 4

Did I hear you scream, oh my God! It’s just the start of me unveiling the mask worn by this deceptive title “NIGERIA- THE GIANT OF AFRICA”-on our great country Nigeria.
Going by the definition 1- should we define Nigeria- the giant of Africa, as a very large strong country that is cruel and stupid? Oh yes, how best can we define Nigeria in her present state if not going by this definition, a country governed by cruel leaders and full of stupid acts.

According to definition 4- a person who is very good at something, though a seemingly mild definition, not until you attribute to it the Nigerian factor- then it would be redefined as a 52 years old country who is very good at the likes of terrorism, corruption, insincerity, heartlessness, offering bad standard of living, terrific economy and presenting a flooded environment.

I think I’ve helped you out a bit, by letting you know a giant is not the ever imagined huge, broad faced, terrible looking, croaky voiced macho personality, you should now crave for a answer as I do on why such term should be attached to the country Nigeria. I search of right answers to this question you will do more by raising your voice regardless of how faint it may sound, make bold inscriptions on your placards and in oneness begin the wilderness journey to renounce the deceptive appraisal “THE GIANT OF AFRICA”

Historically, it has been confirmed that good things and occurrences has never and would not be associated with this creatures- GIANTS.

Many of the giant that has lived before now were merely treats to their neighbourhood and not useful to self and those who looked up to them, their generations never wanted to be associated with them but would rather remain tribe less because of the ignominy they brought that refused to be erased from record.

The first occurrence of giant, as seen chronologically were from Anak and known as the giants of Anakims, you would not be heartless enough as to smile on hearing their present stand amidst other nations. The ANAKIMS- seem to have identified themselves with the Nephilim, the “giant” of the antediluvian age. There were various tribes of Anakim. And they were finally expelled from the land, thousands of years B.C except a remnant that found a refuge in the cities of Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod

Coating from one of the holy books another notorious tribe of giant were known as GATH, they were described as men of great stature, that had on every hand six fingers, and on every foot six toes, four and twenty in number; and were born to the giant, whose champion, Goliath was been humiliated and till today still remains a example in teaching respect and fear among the adult and instigating a brave nature in the little ones.

Have you read about Argob- this was an island of mighty men with description “sixty walled cities in a space of 308 square miles. The architecture is ponderous and massive. Solid walls 4 feet thick, and stones on one another without cement; the roofs enormous slabs of basaltic rock, like iron; the doors and gates are of stone 18 inches thick, secured by ponderous bars. The land bears still the appearance of having been called the ‘land of giant ‘ under the giant Og.” I still wonder why “giant” should be as fearful as to construct a place with such description to live in.

ZAMZUMMIM—was also a race of giant; briefly described as “a people great, and many, and tall, Nigerians should not wait until we are branded with infamy
You may see this article as not comprehensive enough as to a convince all patriotic Nigerians on why we must renounce as soon as possible the title- “THE GIANT OF AFRICA”- attached to our motherland Nigeria.

Then I urge you to go the extra mile, read more of tales of cruel beings – GIANTS, how useless they were to self and offered unnecessary and annoying services to their people and the type of hypocritical life they lived.

Read between lines and imagine how their ill-speeches enslaved their brethren, neighbours, destroyed they immediate environment and wasted their resources, with their feeble mind and coward yet hypocritical actions.

While you see Nigeria as a country on the western portion of the African continent surrounded by other younger but more successful countries, I see a 00 km2 piece of land on which about 160, 000, 000 unlucky creatures find themselves governed by wicked people.

While you see a exploration site with abundance of human and natural resources, I see a 52 years old giant whose speech and actions has kept disappointing his people and messing them in troubled muddy waters for over 5 decades.

Hmmm, as I watch “patriotic Nigerians” in their flashy green and white attires hopping and giggling from one tourist attraction to another event center celebrating a 52 years old giant yet to conquer the least of his many life threatening problems, I would rather put on the darkest of material from my scanty wardrobe move to the street and in sobriety sob as one that mourns the dead.

If a title must be attached to this country Nigeria, it should not be a deceptive title that would relax the mind of an average citizen when there is fire descending from the mountains already.

To those who deem it fit to surround Nigeria with accolades or titles should rather phrase up something better with vital messages that would drive us to our desired destination and not this deceptive and unworthy title- THE GIANT OF AFRICA, the time has come when Nigerians must come in unity and with passion renounce that title for a dream Nigeria, a land of happy people living in peace, in abundance, and an example to the other countries in the world


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