The Mills of God – By Ogunjimi James Taiwo

Grind mill

Grind mill. Photo:

“Dangerous consequences will follow when politicians and rulers forget moral principles, whether we believe in God or karma.” – Tenzin Gyatso

“The forces of retribution are always listening. They never sleep.” – Meg Greenfield

“Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; though with patience He stands waiting, with exactness grinds He all. ”- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The year 2012 has claimed its share of casualties. Ranging from peasants to the elites, from the learned to the un learned; death has had a field day. Recent occurrences however have made people to start asking questions as to what is wrong. This year alone has witnessed the deaths of top government persons; Governor Yakowa, Gen. Azazi, etc. Casualties upon calamities; plane crashes, car crashes, gun attacks, house burning down, etc. While some people are full of pity for these people, others can’t but ask, “Is this retribution?” “Are our prayers finally getting answered?”

The consistent heartlessness with which the ruling class in Nigeria has ruled so far has plunged many Nigerians into a life of hopeless existence. The nation’s treasury has been looted without fear, corruption has been enthroned, anti-masses policies have been implemented without recourse to the wish of the people who put them there and who they are supposed to answer to. Jobs have been snatched without alternative means, means of livelihood have been blocked without providing genuine alternatives, the universities keep on churning out graduates without hopes of jobs for them, insecurity has reached an all-time high, roads have become death traps and the railways have become history. Convicted felons now dine at presidential banquets while the peace-loving and law-abiding Nigerian gets punished. People with questionable characters have been brought in as spokespersons to sling mud and fling abuses and insults at Nigerians. The government is being run like family business and people who dare to speak up are being silenced. We can no longer differentiate between this so-called civilian government and military government. The freedom of speech is only there as camouflage as those who have dared to exercise those rights have been put in the four walls of prison. Attacks on the press have continued unabated and the unions are helpless in the face of these abusers of power.

The relentless attack on Nigerians have driven some people to commit suicide, others have gotten out of the country. Some have turned to religious houses, but alas, they have been disappointed. The government out of treachery has discovered that Nigerians have a soft spot for clinging religiously to words spoken by their religious leaders and has ruthlessly exploited that weakness. Little wonder, they have become regular visitors to religious houses in a bid to sway the will of the people.

But recent developments have shown that the law of cause and effect is still active. Calamities upon calamities, sicknesses upon deaths, e.t.c . They have started feeling the same things they subjected Nigerians to. They are being confronted by the monsters they helped create. The results of their inaction are catching up with them.

Now more than ever, we must re-awaken our confidence in a new Nigeria. Now more than ever, we must open our eyes wide and see that these people are being punished for the numerous evils they have put Nigerians through. Now more than ever, we must clamp our mouths shut from praying for these people with the full realisation that their happiness means more of sadness for us. Now more than ever, we must refuse to keep quiet, but keep on standing against injustice with the hope that our little drops will one day make a mighty ocean that will drown all the oppressors of our people and wash off the evils they have wrought. Now more than ever, we must not give up.

Remember, a new Nigeria is possible, we must not give up on that dream.

God bless Nigerians!

Ogunjimi James Taiwo
Twitter: @hullerj
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