‘Don’t insult Jonathan on Facebook’

President Goodluck Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan

A group, the Niger Delta Youth Initiative for Positive Change, has appealed to Nigerian youths to desist from insulting the country’s President on Facebook and other social media.

The group said some Nigerians had taken delight in using abusive words against President Goodluck Jonathan, adding that such attitude was not common in other countries.

National Coordinator of the group, Mr. David Ato, who made this call while speaking with newsmen in Port Harcourt on Friday, explained that President Goodluck Jonathan meant well for Nigerians.

Ato stated that the President needed the support of Nigerians, including youths, to be able to deliver on his election promises.

He said people using abusive words against the President should realise that Jonathan did not create the economic and political problems facing the country.

Ato said, “The youth should desist from using abusive words against the President of the country. We should learn how to respect our leaders and we need to support him because we elected him into that office.

“Insulting him on Facebook and other social media is not the best. The truth is that Nigeria has been facing a lot of economic and political problems for a long time. President Jonathan did not create these problems.”

He, however, urged the President to begin to deliver on his election promises in 2013, adding that Nigerians were waiting anxiously to see the manifestation of his transformation agenda.

Ato, who expressed optimism that Nigerians would soon begin to enjoy the dividends of democracy, also charged Jonathan to address the problem of insecurity, especially in the northern part of the country.

He decried the continued onslaught against innocent Nigerians by the Boko Haram sect, even as he called on Nigerians not to relent in praying for an end to the bomb attacks in the North.

He argued that the situation in the North was adversely affecting the image and economy of the country, adding that no investor would invest in a crisis-ridden environment.

Calling on security agents to relate with members of the public on security issues, Ato said such measure could help to improve intelligence gathering.


  1. concern nigerian Reply

    As a president he deserve some level of respect,but coming to the issue of nigerians using abusive words on mr president is entirely his own fault,what are the notable achievments of this govt?Non,he is a total failure with high level of corruption ever recorded in the history of nigeria,infact the GEJ govt is the most corrupt,a president that said nigerians don’t understand him and that his govt is being slow in order not to make mistakes,this is a clear indication the govt lack focus,I want to tell mr Ato and his criminal colleaques this is the only medium most nigerians can express himself,where was mr ato and co when the same youth use abusive words on other leaders?is GEJ more human than others?If he is doing the right thing I stand to be corrected that no one can use abusive words on him.While the whole of south africa are praying for mr nelson mandela,nigerians were jubilating over the death of its leaders and that is to tell mr Ato that nigerian youths will not hang on the balance waiting for a stagnant govt to contend with.

  2. concern nigerian Reply

    Mr Ato,did the late president musa yar’adua created the militants of niger delta when he dialoque with them and did very well or fuel scarcity during OBJ’s tenure when he made it available to nigerians and infact brought down the price from N70 to N65?What is happening today?Hike in fuel and nigerians are back to queing,what of the subsidy scandal?militants in niger delta,boko haram in the north,kidnapping in the south east and west,paying huge amount of money to the same people vandalizing the oil pipelines to the same criminals that are doing the act,I dare him and all the paid image makers of the govt to impliment Ribadu’s report if they are sincere.Mr Ato,go and advice the president please and allow youths to express their feelings in the whatever way they deemed necessary.

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