CAC Members Fight Over Church Leadership (VIDEO)

As Christians the world over celebrate Christmas and thank God for bringing them to the end of the 2012, worshippers at the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) busied themselves fighting over supremacy and allegiance.

The crisis in the church, which has lasted for more than 20 years, deepened when the two factions of the church clashed during a Sunday morning service.

During the service, the Lagos-based faction was engaged with the church activities when the Ibadan-based faction arrived and chased them away.
According to Channels Television’s reporter present during the clashed, the aggrieved faction disconnected the electricity supply to the church after they were chased out leaving the Ibadan faction to conduct their service in the dark.

Watch the video below for more:

  1. One Fold, One Sherpard Reply

    The man speaking, has been suspended from CAC Olorunsogo by the CAC authority. He’s been behind the trouble in CAC Olorunsogo/worldwide.
    He ordered his men to shut the gate against the authority that came from Ibadan, he also ordered his boys to disconnect all power supply to the Church against those worshiping in the church while the CAC authority were in there conducting the service. Channels TV, should endeavor to go to his former church, CAC Adegboyega and find out his past record, as information revealed that he was sent out of the church before he joined olorunsogo. The man, is the trouble of CAC. There’s no truth in all that he was saying, let him search his conscience and speak the truth for God’s sake.

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