Nigerians presently enjoy 18 hours of constant electricity supply per day – Labaran Maku

The Federal Government yesterday announced an increase in electricity generation to 4,502 megawatts nationwide.

This was disclosed by the minister of information, Labaran Maku, who was speaking in Abuja on the achievements of the government in 2012.

According to the minister, “At the moment, there is an average of about 15 to 18 hours per day of constant power supply to different parts of the country. This feat was brought about by the implementation of the integrated power sector reform program anchored on the Power road map.

Labaran Maku

Minister of Information, Labaran Maku

“This includes institutional reforms to involve the private sector in power generation, transmission and distribution.”

He said under the power road map being implemented by the government, 10 new thermal power plants had been completed, adding that more would come on stream in 2013 to boost electricity supply to all parts of the country.

He reportedly said that the rehabilitation of power generation and distribution infrastructure across the nation was ongoing as well as the rehabilitation of the Kainji Hydro power station to generate power at installed capacity.

Maku stated that electricity generation is expected to move up to 7,000MW in 2013.

The minister said a contract for the maintenance of the Shiroro power station has been awarded.

He disclosed that contracts have also been awarded for hydro-power plants in Kaduna and the Mambila plateau which is expected to add another 750MW of power.

“The implementation of the National Integrated Power Project is being fast-tracked to ensure stability in power supply,” he said.

The minister said $1bn and $150m loans would soon be secured from the African Development Bank to finance gas supply and liberalization of the power sector, respectively.

  1. concern nigerian Reply

    Mr labaran maku should speak for himself but not all nigerians,there are a lot of places in nigeria that don’t see light for days,so if there is light in abuja and other places where his type are residing,he should other places still live in darkness.

  2. concern nigerian Reply

    My error I meant he should know other places still live in darkness.

  3. Da2u Reply

    Mr Information, why do you start this year with open LIE? It’s quite unfortunate, our Leaders persistently and habitually LOVE LIES & DECEITES. You think because there’s light in your house in Abuja, everyone else in the country enjoys same electricity supply!! Have you gone round all the villages, towns and cities in this country to ascertain your claim or ? How did you get this report because right now we are witnessing 3 days of no LIGHT.. Even a BLINK of electricity and you are there lying and deceiving Us (Nigerians) as early as now!! It may be TRUE 2013 is bad-omen filled… !!!!Am afraid, this lie is TOO OPEN AND EARLY, Mr Maku. You better keep quiet because you don’t know…….

  4. mariam Reply

    Mr real information minister,pls shut d thrash,I’ve nt seen light for 1hr talkless of 18hrs,speak 4ursf&nt 4all nigerians,hve u gone round d country 2investigat d lies ur openly sayin on air,if I were u,b4 I make any statmnt on air,I would hve gone or snd sme of my aids or PA 2go 2atleast 30states,2see tins 4dem selves n return d information 2me b4 lieing dis new year wth fake news,I’m highly disappointd maku,hw much r dey payin u 2broadcast all dis lie lie informations? 2nigeria?nigerians r wise nw &u all cnt continue 2fool kano wher I precise,particularly in sabon gari,we hve nt seen light for days so pls stp d lie cos it wil nt help u &if u continue ,I wil say it again dat ur a big fat liar.

  5. mariam Reply

    I mean I’m residin in kano

  6. 9ja Reply

    Lie lie. Thats what they do all the time

  7. Anonymous Reply

    This the type of unrealistic comments that make Nigerian leaders objects of collective hatred. The dissociation between reality and fantasy, induced by their sheltered life at the expense of the masses, leaves a sour taste in the mouth when they are being discussed. This is gross insensitivity for a minister of information to be giving out sheer disinformation capable of starting a riot by Nigerians who live under the huge burden of self electricity generation. This man should be made to resign his appointment pronto.

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