82 sub-standard hospitals shut in Abuja

Senator Bala Mohammed The Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed, said his administration shut 82 sub-standard medical outfits in Abuja in 2012.

Mohammed, who has vowed to rid the nation’s capital of quack medical practitioners and unregistered hospitals, said 12 quack health officials were apprehended and handed over to the police in areas such as Bwari, Jikwoyi, Garki, Federal Secretariat and the FCT Police Command.

He urged the general public to be cautious of such outfits as they pose a great health danger to the public.

He, however, explained that few of the affected hospitals had been re-opened after the conditions for which they were shut were met and appropriate fines paid.

According to him, three of such cases had already been charged to Karu Magistrate’s Court for prosecution to serve as deterrent. While lamenting that the activities of medical quacks have been on the rise due to the ever-increasing influx of people into the Federal Capital Territory, he assured the government would tackle the situation.

The minister said the FCT Administration had empowered the Health & Human Services Secretariat to deal with such ugly situation through the activities of the Private Health Establishments Registration and Monitoring Committee (PHERMC).

He added that the government would not relent in fighting quackery in the Federal Capital Territory.

  1. concern nigerian Reply

    They all sprang up as a result of inability of the govt to provide basic health care for it citizens,next they need to provide education and housing because we have a lot sub standard schools and houses all over.May Allah help my country.

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