Nollywood Actress Bisi Komolafe Laid To Rest (PHOTOS)

The funeral ceremony for the late Bisi Komolafe, the Yoruba movie actress, who died in the early hours of 1 January at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan, Nigeria, commenced this morning Friday, January 4, 2013 at 9AM amid tears.

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The funeral mass took place at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Oke Padre in Ibadan. She was then buried at a cemetery a few metres away from the mortuary.

Most of Bisi’s friends and colleagues are still shocked over her death. Those who managed to speak described the death as a big blow to the industry, considering the fact that she was one of the most promising and versatile actresses.

One of her best friends in the industry, Titi Osinowo, said: “I’m not in the right frame of mind to talk about Bisi now. I still can’t still believe she is gone. Wait a minute, does it mean we won’t see Bisi again?”

Bisi’s publicist, Faith Irabor, said: “She was like my sister and she was in her prime. I’m a woman and could be a victim of what happened to her. This is very sad indeed.”

Some of the movies she starred include Igboro Ti Daru, Aye Ore Meji, Ogbe Inu, Akanmole, Alakada and Akun.

Fellow actor, Saheed Balogun, has disclaimed the stories making the rounds that Komolafe’s death was as a result of fetish practices and husband snatching scandals.

‘You or I’, says, “I find it very absurd that anyone would attribute the death or illness of any Yoruba actor to juju. Many people die every day as a result of various ailments but the reason behind the hullabaloo over the death of a star is just because we are popular. It has nothing to do with jazz (evil forces) and no one knows the day he/she will die besides God. It is just sad that she died at a time when she was about to blow in the industry and fans looked forward to more works from her.”

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VIDEO: Fans and artists gather to bid Bisi Komolafe farewell

Bisi Komolafe

Bisi Komolafe

Bisi Komolafe

Bisi Komolafe

Bisi Komolafe's burial ceremony

Bisi Komolafe's burial ceremony

Bisi Komolafe's burial ceremony

Bisi Komolafe's burial ceremony

Bisi Komolafe's burial ceremony

Bisi Komolafe's burial ceremony

Bisi Komolafe’s burial

Bisi Komolafe’s burial

Bisi Komolafe’s burial

  1. rashidat Reply

    May ur soul rest in perfect peace

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    Rip@Bisi Komolafe. We luv u bt God luvs u most. Sunreeeee oooooooo

  3. Princesteve Reply

    wen i heard, i dnt bliv it. until i saw it myself on the internet. RIPP BISI KOMOLAFE. I LOVE U BT GOD LOVES U MOST.SLEEP WELL

  4. FAITHLIL Reply

    Rest in peace Bisi.

  5. nasrat Reply

    may ur soul rest in peace

  6. So sad:(....... But how prepared are u 4 eternity. For without JESUS and HOLLINESS no man shall see the lord... what will it profit a man and loss his soul? Bukola Reply

    It is well

  7. Adewale Samuel Reply

    May ur soul rest in perfect peace. We love u bt God love u most. I bliv if anybodi has nt reach his/her destination he/she wont stop.


    I didn’t know what to say than to say may soul rest in perfect peace.

  9. Princess Fadeshewa Reply

    Ununununun… BISI KOMOLAFE!! Rip so soon

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    Bisi me daoo. Aoooo ri, what’s a pity life, I just got 2 know bisi about a year back not knowing dat she is about 2 leave. Haaaa. May her soul rest in a perfect peace WE LOVED U ALL but god loved u more. Suu reooooo


    Wel’ dis is a big lose 4 my kind,who so ever dat is include or dat donat a coin,2 d cuz of her death,my friend’s,tel dem not 2 die again.MY FRIEND MY SISTER BISI KOMOLAFE”HEAVEN IS UR PLACE,MAY GOD ALMIGHTY 4GIVE U,WIT D TEAR’S MY EYE I SAY R.I.P

  12. jeremiah balogun Reply

    what a pity 1 bisi was so beautiful and actress in movies but if is some one that killed bisi the person shall not live long but if it is from god may god forgive her in all her sin because as me i love her and her movies R I P the crept we call the apple of are eye it pain us but we should take heart and the member of late bisikomolafe we love but god love must tanks

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    bisi komolafe so soon but rest in peace

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    Ha death was was a suprice 2me wen i hard it we d entire people mz u nd 2geda wt all ur fans.we love u bt god love u most.may ur gentle soul rest in pefect peace of thy lord.

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    R.i.p bisi komolafe

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    What a pity,bisi is no more,what a great loss,we love you but god love you best,we can never forget you in the movie industry.bisi omo komolafe lives on

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    Rip i wil miss u i love u but God love u more

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    May u rest in pertet peace bisi .oun to pa mo oju oloun tooo

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    People who killed ar should nt die

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    Bisi will miss u a lot pple dat is behind ur death he or she surely die recetly

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    love her

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    heart broken

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