Top 10 African Leagues

African Leagues


The International Federation of Football History & Statistics, (IFFHS), an organization that chronicles the history and records of association football, has ranked African leagues for 2012 according to their strengths.

The world ranking for the strongest national leagues is determined annually by the IFFHS on the basis of all national (championship, FA Cup) and (inter)continental (confederations & FIFA club competitions) results of the clubs.

The Sudanese Premier League emerged the strongest league in Africa after three clubs made it to the Group stage of the CAF Confederation Cup.

El Merreikh topped Group A and was followed by El Hilal in second place but El Ahly Shandy finished at the foot of the table in the same pool.

The Tunisian Ligue 1 is second strongest and 42nd in the annual world ranking followed by Mali, Morocco and Nigeria.

With no competition taking place in Egypt since January 2012, the country’s Premier League is ranked 91st in the world.

Top ten African Leagues:
35. (1) Sudan
42. (2) Tunisia
45. (3) Mali
56.(4) Morocco
60. (5) Nigeria
65. (6) Ghana
66. (7) Angola
67. (8) Zimbabwe
72. (9) Algeria
73. (10) Ivory Coast
* Africa ranking in brackets

  1. Anonymous Reply

    in times of material s/ Africa I’d the best but in times of experience player and strongnes Nigeria I’d no 1

  2. Anonymous Reply

    SA Psl is the best league in africa always muslem top al league

  3. Anonymous Reply

    SA Psl is the best league in africa always muslem top al league why?

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Nigeria league got the best experience players

  5. Anonymous Reply

    What abt south african psl.

  6. Anonymous Reply

    and Then South Africa?

  7. Anonymous Reply

    South african psl z the best legeu in africa even overseas it ranked with most commercil leageu

  8. Anonymous Reply

    We have the best soccer facilities and the Premier Soccer League (South Africa) is regarded 2nd best in the southern hemisphere behind the Brazilian league so, I don’t know what this lame list is based on.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    i think the cameroon league is one the best league in africa so that is a dead list

  10. Anonymous Reply

    i think the cameroon league is one of the best league in africa

  11. Anonymous Reply

    south africa

  12. Anonymous Reply

    For me south African league is the best in africa

  13. Anonymous Reply

    please backup

  14. Anonymous Reply

    This list is fucked up the is only poor leagues what about psl south Africa even the English now it

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Aw really? What happened to PSL(south Africa)

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Wow this is amazing no Egypt I don’t believe it

  17. Anonymous Reply

    who wrote such a lame list

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    What a rubbish list

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