Why May D left Square Records – Jude Okoye (VIDEO)

P-Square’s brother and manager, Jude Okoye has opened up on why May D left Square records last year.

The duo, Peter and Paul Okoye refused to say a word about the ‘split’ neither did May D whose role in the duo’s “Chop My Money” earned him a feat in the music industry.

However, in this video interview in Uganda, Jude “Engees” Okoye, said, “we sign in artistes as our way of giving back to the society, and by the time they become known, we let them be. However when May D came in, he wanted more than that, he wanted to be Psquare, a name that we have struggled to be build for years.

He took P-Square like 7 to 8 years before they got what they have today – the cars, houses and everything… And within a year somebody is looking for the same…”

  1. mc buch 1 Reply

    Well that’s one of those things in life. I believe that may d leaving square records is a blessing cos u can never tell wat God has seen nd decided 2 pull him out. Psqare u guz ar still d best, kip it up

  2. sunjazz Reply

    If is so may d could have exercise a little pecient,because our elderly said a pecient dog eat the fatest bone. And he is in the hand of the richest. May the eble provider,provide his needs

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