Keeping It Real With Adeola – Episode 55

Keeping It Real With Adeola - Episode 55 This week on Keeping it real, Adeola takes a critical look at Dana airline back in operation after a deadly crash in Nigeria with many questions yet to be answered. She also critiques the picture of celebrities posing on board Dana.

Adeola also tackles violence against women starting in Saudi Arabia where a 15-year-old girl was given in marriage to a 90-year-old man, and in Indian where a lady was raped and assaulted by six men resulting in her death.

Nigerian Vice President wants 16 billion Naira to complete his house, and the minister of Agriculture wants to spend 60 billion Naira on cell phones for farmers, find out Adeola’s take on these ridiculous budgets.

Also, find out what happens when a 6 foot python wraps itself around the arms of a toddler in Australia among other stories.

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    Wow! Adeola this was fantastic!..:) Wow episode 55! God is good! Keep keeping it real!

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