Mugabe was chosen by God at 10-year-old to lead Zimbabwe – Vice President Mujuru

President Mugabe was anointed by God to lead Zimbabwe at the age of 10 years and those fighting to replace him are wasting their time, Vice-President Mujuru has said.

Speaking at the official opening of an Apostolic Faith Church building here yesterday, Mujuru said leaders are anointed by God, making them irreplaceable.
Vice-President Mujuru

Mujuru and Shamu

“People are wasting their time by opposing President Mugabe. It was prophesied way back in 1934, when he was only 10 years old, that he was going to lead this country. How can a normal person challenge such a leader?” she queried.

“There is nothing wrong in people having ambitions and discussing political issues with their wives. They should not, however, tamper with the presidency; it is sacrosanct. These positions come from God, they do not just come!”
Vice-President Mujuru said it was important for the church to respect and pray for the country’s leadership. She also urged churches to work transparently with Government.
She further encouraged Zimbabweans to vote for Zanu-PF, saying thousands of young people died under the banner of the liberation movement while fighting imperialists.
“Our independence did not come by accident. Thousands of schoolchildren died in the name of the party. People sacrificed their lives for this country. Even when Abraham was about to sacrifice his only son, God saw it fit for him not to sacrifice human blood. However, people here paid the ultimate price for this country to be free.”
All Zimbabweans, the Vice-President said, should heed President Mugabe’s calls for peace.
Zanu-PF supporters should also unite for the forthcoming referendum and elections.
“We need to follow the exemplary leadership of President Mugabe. Why should we fight and kill each other?
“If you do that in the name of a political party, bear in mind that avenging spirits will not come to any party, but to your family and you as an individual. Let us expend our energy preaching peace. The church needs to continue praying for our country.”
She added: “We need an honest leadership; we need a leadership which works for the people, not money. We need honest people, even in churches. “We need to remain united ahead of the referendum and elections so that we bury this inclusive Government.
“We are spending much of our time fighting on political lines instead of discussing developmental issues. So, the solution is to vote for President Mugabe and do away with this inclusive Government.”
Speaking at the same event, leader of apostolic churches in Zimbabwe Bishop Johannes Ndanga also urged Zimbabweans to rally behind President Mugabe.
“We need to be united behind our God-given leader,” he said. “This is our country; let us take this opportunity and embrace the indigenisation policy.”
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