Shun acts capable of dragging Nigeria into war – Obasanjo urges Nigerians



Former President Olusegun Obasanjo on Tuesday urged Nigerians to shun acts capable of dragging the nation into war.

Obasanjo gave the advice in Abeokuta at this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day ceremony.

He lamented that Nigerians had lost many of its brave soldiers to wars within and outside the country.

“For us in Nigeria, even when we were fighting along with the colonial powers, we lost Nigerians in Burma and in East Africa,’’ he said.

He also noted with regret that the nation’s security forces had been losing members either in support of civil authority or in fighting local wars.

The Armed Forces Remembrance Day, according to Obasanjo, should constantly remind Nigerians that many of its citizens died in the cause of fighting for their motherland.

“The aim of this Remembrance Day is to constantly remember the sacrifice that our fallen heroes have made.

“We must constantly remind ourselves that they left families behind who need to be cared and catered for.

“This thought must also makes us to be determined to avoid such things as wars which make our people lose their lives.

“When you engage in wars, people are bound to lose their lives. So it should be avoided,’’ Obasanjo said.


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