Lest we forget! – By Ogunjimi James Taiwo

Fuel subsidy protests

Nigerians in Port Harcourt protest about the withdrawal of the fuel subsidies. Photograph: Str/AFP/Getty Images

Lest we forget,
January 1st, 2012, they removed subsidy on PMS.
They promised they were going to provide palliatives.
But our people have been lied to long enough to read the lips of a liar.
And so they took to the streets in fits of anger.

Lest we forget,
The people displayed rare unity in the face of a rare enemy.
The people threw aside the petty bickering that have prevented them from being free.
They forgot their religious affiliation and counted as nought their tribal differences.
As men and women, old and young, all wanted the same thing.

Lest we forget,
The government saw the determination of the people.
They saw the people defying the scorching heat of the sun,
They saw people whose thirst for change had defeated the fear of the gun.
In their determination, the government could see their fall.

Lest we forget,
As the remained on the streets and forsook their habitation,
The descendants of Judas Iscariot went behind and wronged the people beyond human comprehension.
They rendered the labour and sweat of the people of no effect,
And were prepared to kill the people till no one was left.

Lest we forget,
They killed our brothers,
Yea! Ilorin was where they shed the blood of Muyideen Mustapha.
They filled our streets with soldiers and threatened to kill us like dogs.
And yet they are the ones who deceived the people by pretending to be of God.

Lest we forget,
The resolve we showed then was great.
Our determination was unique.
Our quest for change was inspiring.
We must keep hope alive that we’ll see the change we need.

Lest we forget,
They are not to be trusted.
Lest we forget, they are not for the people.
Lest we forget, they have betrayed their own people.
Lest we forget, system change is the solution.

Ogunjimi James Taiwo

Twitter: @hullerj
Ogunjimi James Taiwo
Twitter: @hullerj
E-mail: hullerj@yahoo.com

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