Former Sultan of Sokoto, Dasuki loses wife

Former Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki

Former Sultan Ibrahim Dasuki’s wife, Hajia Gwaggo Jabbo Dasuki, is dead.

The news of her death was made known by a close family sources around 12 mid night through text message in Kaduna, North-West Nigeria.

The source said Hajiya Jabbo died last night of an undisclosed illness at their Miyyeti Allah Residence, Ungwan Rimi, Kaduna.

She is survived by her husband, the former Sultan and three children.

She will be buried today (Monday) in Kaduna according to Islamic rites, the source told News Express.

The cause of her dead and her age is however not yet known.

One of the most powerful men in Nigeria during his reign as Sultan of Sokoto from November 6, 1988, Dasuki was deposed for political reasons on April 20, 1996 by late military ruler, Gen. Sani Abacha.

  1. concern nigerian Reply

    May the soul of the departed rest in peace.The 18th sultant was not deposed because of political reasons,his ascention to the throne was politically manouvered,Abatcha corrected an error made by IBB,africanspotlight should be engaged more on investigative journalism rather than making some lopsided comments in many publications,Dasuki was not the heir apparent and this can further be comfirm by the choice of the kingmakers,maccido was announced as the next sultan only for ibb to declear dasuki an hour later and a lot of people were killed and tortured in sokoto.Read more on the sokoto caliphate particularly the houses of Bello,tukur and buhari.

    • Ibrahim Munir Reply

      The person saying Sultan Dasuki was not deposed,is ignorant & selfish. Shehu Malami paid some pple to announce Maccido as Sultan before the king makers sat.It was the 3rd day & in the morning they were all at the palace when they heard the announcement & they were shocked.So later when they sat,they announced Dasuki.Sultan Dasuki is the son of Haliru Dogondaji,Haliru the son of Barau, Barau the son of Buhari tambuwal while Buhari is the 1st son of Uthman bn Fodio.The thing is Dasuki was the 1st Sultan from decendants of Buhari. But any decendant of bn Fodio from his sons can become Sultan if qualified.

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