Letter To Mother Africa (A MUST READ)


Mother Africa

Mother Africa. Photo: flickr

Mother Africa,

The dearest of all mothers on planet- Earth, I must tell that your smiles still recalls the yesteryears memories- so clear, your lullaby still sounds the best of poetry and greatest of music, the sweet milk that dropped from your nipples remains the sweetest substance my tongue ever tasted and only on your perfectly curved back have I put my eyelids to action while experiencing peaceful SLEEP- in its real context.

The best of genetic characteristics you sacrificed and deposited abundantly in me, with your ever re-appearing radiant smiles you had always encouraged me. Indeed, you taught me so much, but I’ve only used only a little portion of it and the most I have traded for the civilized brain washing gospel.

I wished the land is as green as you left it but sincerely it is not, gradually faster than slowly the green-ness fades away and now stains of red now dominates your formerly green land. Those wonderful creatures of yours you told me to conserve and keep in good state still gyrate on the reddish-green field with empty stomach and in the corners of the premises they lay waiting for a manner from above that may never come, the elephant though starving is still the largest, the giraffe though “lege-legecious” still remains the tallest and amazingly the obese cheetah, still the fastest, but a few I’ve not seen for decades, I heard one scientist say “they are extinct”, this I really don’t understand neither do I wish to.

Mother Africa, the moral and religious lessons you taught, I still try to uphold but the cultural ones has been completely erased off my memory like moisture in planet- Mercury. I don’t know the stand of my brothers and sisters as regard this but Dear mother, I know you can still open that bowel of compassion and show a little pity towards my pitiable state.

The rays of joy I have is only reflected in “HOPE UNBORN” not in the abundance of the land because I’m heavily surrounded by rogues and daylight thieves, not in the deceptive smiles booming from the cheeks of people of no-integrity and conscience seared with hot-irons, not even in the intellectuals capacity of your certified illiterate grandchildren.

Dear Mother Africa- Mother Africa, one thing I earnestly seek is PEACE, I experience this last when I was under your tent, lot of peace we then had and shared then, I wished I could have reserved some then and expend them now that it’s the most useful. At that moment when you waved at me, peace was swallowed up by violence, bitterness and utmost hatred just like the morning sun get swallowed by the evening cloud. We smile in hunger and in vain our neighbours (those you referred to as half-cast)attempt to alleviate our economy but none has lived up to your expectation for me.

Only if with your guiltless palms you would pat me gently, and your soothing seasoned words would proclaim to me good news I need to hear, comfort my grieved heart and repair my almost damaged soul.

Mother Africa, live in happiness and fulfilment as I comfort you with the maxim that none as being as prolific as you, neither has any been productive, talented, fertile and naturally intelligent as you.

I have got this question to ask you, “the title GIANT OF AFRICA, do you think is a fine accolade I should accept?” I think things as not been well enough with me since I accepted to be referred to as the giant of Africa, I consider it a self-defeating title and always wish I could take a personal decision to affirmatively renounce that tittle given me by a faceless fellow, fear circulates my memory as I associate this title with the ancient giant of Philistine- Goliath and lest I forget I have been nicknamed for reasoned I don’t know, so each time you hear Naija (9ja) it is I been referred to.

And one last question – “what does the future holds for me. Mother, Please say something, just anything, even if it’s a lie I still will believe your faintest of your words to the later.

You always remain on my melancholic mind, Dear Mother Africa

Your favourite,



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    i am inspired…more geease to your palm sister

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