Man who buried his baby alive arrested in Delta state

25 year old labourer, Macaulay Onitcha, has been arrested by the police in Delta state for allegedly burying his four months old daughter, Edna Macaulay, alive. Macaulay took the young baby to the bushes, dug a shallow grave, threw the baby in the grave and covered it with sand.

Baby Found Alive

Fortunately for the little angel, someone had witnessed him burying her alive and hurriedly exhumed her after fighting and overpowering Macaulay at the scene. The person, Saturday Ekama, took the child to the police station to report what had happened. Little Edna had a neck injury after she was dug out and she is currently undergoing treatment at Saint Francis Hospital, Okapra Inland in Asaba, while her dad is in police custody at the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Asaba.

Macaulay told police that he attempted to kill his daughter because since his wife gave birth to her, she had refused to sleep with him. He said he did it in anger and was sorry.

Baby Found Alive

Baby Found Alive

  1. Animashaun bimbo Reply

    It is only the creator of the little angel that saved her as the heartless father doesn’t care. The police should pls prosecute this matter diligently and timeously.
    Honestly, Macauley doesn’t deserve to live!

    • Jakisa Reply

      He doesn’t deserve to die fast, neither. He should be burried alive.

      • Anonymous Reply

        Exactly! Agreed!

  2. Kim Reply

    I’m sorry…….this is no 4 month old baby, the umbilical cord is still attached. This makes me think this is fake and made up. If its not, then hang the father by his jewels so he can’t father anymore children.

  3. jenni Reply

    he dosen’t deserve a quick death,he needs 2 be punished 1st den death by hanging!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Who would do such a thing! What’s going on with our world and people these days? He needs some medical help if he feels the need to bury a 4 month old BABY ALIVE!!!!

  5. Anonymous Reply

    I can’t believe someone stopped to take a photo of the baby still buried!! I would be getting that baby out so fast!

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Bullsh*t. The two pictures make no sense. The baby with the cord still attached is not 4 months old and the baby in the dirt would not be alive after inhaling that much dirt. Besides, you mean to tell me whoever “rescued” the baby took pictures of the child in the dirst first? Balderdash!

    There may be a story similiar to this, or bits and pieces of the story may be true, but the photos along with the story in it’s entirety is pure bullsh*t! Just knock it off already.

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