Touching moment Malia Obama Photobombs President Obama kissing Michelle (PHOTO & VIDEO)

 Malia's Photobomb Fail During Obama Kiss for Camera Sasha and Malia Obama were spotted Monday afternoon at the Presidential Inauguration Parade making their parents kiss – four times – so they could capture the perfect picture on their iPhones and iPods.

Not even an attempted photobomb by Malia could keep Sasha from capturing a kiss between Barack and Michelle Obama on her iPhone at the presidential reviewing stand during the inaugural parade.

Sash, 11, was spotted in the presidential booth making Barack and Michelle pose over and over again so she snap the perfect moment.

Finally, Michelle leaned over and seemed to ask to see the pictures Malia had taken.

The Sasha appeared to be using an iPod touch with a green frog cover on it. The First Lady has said she is not yet allowed to have a cell phone because she isn’t old enough.

Malia, 14, had an iPhone with an orange bumper around the sides.

Michelle and Barack recently revealed that they bought her a phone – though they’re a little uncomfortable with the idea that boys could be calling her teenage daughter at any time.

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