Nigerian men tattoo their lips pink to attract women! VIDEO

There is a new Nigerian fashion trend sweeping the country’s tattoo parlours – so-called “Pink Lips”.

The process involves young men having their lower lip tattooed with a pink paint so that their lips are no longer a shade of black, but instead – a shade of pink.

The reason behind the procedure may be strange but at one tattoo parlour in Lagos, the owner explains: “We help out those with black lips, to clean their lips and make them pink.”

None of the men would explain to us the reasons why they were getting their lips done in such a fashion, but the main reason seems to be that women find men with pinker lips more attractive (Desmond Elliot, anyone?).

This particular tattoo shop gets up to ten customers a day and does ‘Pink Lips’ for about 7000 Naira ($30)

The owner explains they can also do a shade of red as well.

Nigerian Men tattoo their lips pink!

  1. Noelle Reply

    Demond Elliot’s lips are naturally pink not artificial like in the picture above. My African brothers please let your beautiful deep dark chocolate lips stay the way they are.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Am in makurdi nd i dnt knw wer to mak my lips artificially pink…help

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